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condensation on interior walls

Help ! I have condensation on bedroom walls (exterior walls) that is now starting to cause mold I need to find out why this is happening before I fix (replace all sheetrock) The house was built in 1890 by texas Houston rail road co. when it came through central Texas, My Grandparents bought it in 1945 and I acquired it 6 years ago. We decided to rent it out 2 years ago never had any problems till this winter when the tenants said condensation was forming on the interior walls in the bedrooms the only heat source in the house are space heater 1 in the living rm., and 1 in the bath rm. I think they also have sm. electrical heaters for the bed rooms. there is not any insulation in the walls and there is aluminum siding on the outside that was put on in the 1970s. we checked under the house for any leaks (bone dry) and in the attic for any leaks (nothing). could this just be a need for insulation in the walls or are the tenants just keeping it to hot inside ? any comments suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Sincerely, Albert,Teresa

Re: condensation on interior walls

Were there potted plants in this room? A pet's water bowl?

Re: condensation on interior walls

no plants or water bowls

Re: condensation on interior walls

If there was no past history of condensation, the tenants are doing something to generate moisture that past tenants did not. Something as simple as sleeping with the bedroom doors closed. People respire an amazing amount of moisture during the night.

Are there teen-agers in the house taking long, steamy showers? Do they do a large amount of laundry? Does the laundry have its own vent? Is the dryer vent connected? Or are they trying to save heat by having the dryer vent into the house? ( bad idea!)

In short, you have to tract down the source of the moisture and lessen it. Lowering the relative humidity by raising the house heat helps. Keeping air moving helps.

Perhaps the landlord should install in wall forced air electric heaters in the bedrooms, or possibly electric baseboard heaters along those cold outside walls.

Re: condensation on interior walls

The condensation in the rooms could be due to lack of air movement in the house.It could also be the result of moisture coming in contact with a cold surface encouraging the growth of mold on the walls and ceiling, causing woodwork to rot.To get rid of condensation you need to control the water vapor in the air of your house.The house needs to be properly ventilated to let the cool dry air in and the warm moist air to move out of the house.Air bricks are also helpful in rooms that have fuel burning appliances.

Re: condensation on interior walls

You say there are two space heaters, are they unvented gas or kerosene space heaters? If so, that is where the excess moisture is coming from. Burning hydrocarbon fuel generates a carbon/oxygen compound (Co or CO2) and water vapor (H20).

Using vented heaters will help, so will insulating the whole house, walls and ceilings.

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