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1928 Morgan
Concrete Walls

My husband and I are redoing our kitchen ourselves.

We have taken out the cabinets, and removed tiles that were adhered directly to the concrete stucco wall of our home.

The wall has this thin layer over the cement.

What is this layer (best guess)?
Should it be completely removed?
Should I apply drywall over the wall to give fresh surface?

This house is our joy and delight and also our biggest frustration! One thing turns into a zillion things!

Thank you.

Re: Concrete Walls

Hello, Yes this is the old snowball effect. hard to say, is the house all block walls? Is interior walls stripped, insulated and plaster board? Is it lathe & plaster walls? Is the stucco interior directly on the exterior/interior block wall? hard to tell without seeing. Photo?
If you have a block interior/exterior wall, I would suggest furring walls out, insulated then sheet rocking to finish. I can imagine your cabinets were fastened to a block wall. I could be wrong.Photo would be best. ;)GregC

1928 Morgan
Re: Concrete Walls

Thanks, I'll remember the "post a photo" in the future, because I'm QUITE sure there'll be more projects in the future.

When I get home tonight, I'll post a picture.

but -

I don't see blocks, it looks just like cement. and some thin stuff over it.

Re: Concrete Walls

you need to figure out what the wall is made of. Is there an outlet or switch cover you can remove to see what's in the wall.

1928 Morgan
Re: Concrete Walls

We have decided to sheetrock anyway. It's really only one wall that needs it.

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