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Fred C. Dobbs
Concrete Removal for Fence Post

I have to install a new fence post to replace the rotted old one,
and am looking for advice on how to remove or break up the concrete holding the existing post.

My hope that that it can be dug out, or broken up so I can just re-fill the empty hole and set a new
PT 4x4 to support the gate.

I was told that the new post should be at least 4' down, and surrounded by 1' of concrete.

All advice is appreciated.



Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

removing concrete from a fence post hole is actually easier than you think. all i do is use a 6' pry bar. one end looks like a chisel and the other end is pointy or tapered and narrow. ass you have to do is slam the pointy end into the ground along the fence post until you hit the concrete. then just pull up and keep slamming it in there. you'll have to probaby do it on all 4 sides. the concrete usually breaks off the fence post rather easily. then just wiggle the post back and forth a few times and pull it out. then you have to dig down to remove the broken pieves of concrete.

Fred C. Dobbs
Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

Thanks so much for the helpful advice.

THe project seems to have gotten a tad bit easier,
and I get to buy a new tool, too !


Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

Sometimes you can wiggle the post loose, and pull the post and concrete out all in one piece.

P.S. -- my alias on here doesn't mean I'm an expert on fenceposts!

Fred C. Dobbs
Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

Thanks, Fencepost,
your tip is appreciated.


Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

Go to Grave-concerns.com, the tool is used in cemeteries but it is useful for pulling out old cement from post holes.

Re: Concrete Removal for Fence Post

I laugh at the videos and answers I see on the internet. I have pulled thousands of plugs out as they are termed in the trade, or my workers have. Its very simple: dig a hole with post hole clams and a digging bar as close to the concrete as possible. NOT around it, just on one side. It is not hard, keep digging so the hole you making is slightly larger than the existing. Once you get a 6"s or so from the bottom (usually 2') put the digging bar behind the plug and wedge it into the hole you created. It falls right in. It amazes me all the info people suggest that takes 5 times the work. Its simple science, it will just fall over into the hole. I have seen people try to dig around the footing and it would take forever, the jagged edges wedge the plug, footing, pier in. Then use the bar as leverage to get it out of the hole if you are not able to lift 100lbs or so. When building your new fence watch this video before. Thanks. And when installing your new post, yes use concrete and crown or slope the concrete away or use whats called The Post Collar. Google it it gives a good explanation on why fence posts rot.


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