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Concrete Floor: What's the Difference between Floor Paint and Other Paint?

FYI, this will turn into a question along the lines of "Can I use this product for a concrete floor?"

First, so we're on the same page with terminology, this is how I understand the available products.

Concrete floor paint forms a coating by evaporating and drying. 

Concrete floor epoxy coatings form a coating by curing (chemical reaction), not drying.

Some paints have some epoxy content and are referred to as epoxy paint, but they still cure by drying so they are not technically true epoxy coatings.


Now, I have a shop building built on the concrete slab of a former home (that burned down).  I want to paint a portion of it that's basically a woodshop, no vehicle traffic.  It can be heated and cooled but is usually not.  The concrete is old (at least 30 years).  The building has a lot of recycled content which I'm very proud of.  I buy a lot of stuff at Habitat Restore.

The other day I went to a large Restore when I was away from home and found a big selection of Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial coatings.  I bought 3 gals of SW Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy Paint. 

Product Sheet: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/document/PDS/en/035777039441/

It says that it works on concrete for 'high traffic areas' (not specifically floors though) and it's semi-gloss so I thought it might work on my low-traffic concrete shop floor.  I found 3 gallons of similar colors for $9/gal, so I brought them home, mixed them in a large bucket and poured back into the cans. Voila, fancy floor paint for under $30 total.  Or not?

The sheet recommends Loxon primer for concrete which is $50-$60/gal.  I've seen some posts around the web saying you can use any primer, and others say use a concrete/masonry specific primer.  Someone on another forum told me that floor paints NEVER use primer and also that this paint isn't suitable as floor paint just because it can be used on concrete.

I know I have to thoroughly clean and possibly etch the floor regardless of what I paint with.


1. What's the difference between concrete paint and concrete floor paint?  I have found very little on this.

2. What's likely to happen if I use this paint on the floor?

3. If this would not be a total disaster, what kind of surface prep and primer do you recommend?

Re: Concrete Floor: What's the Difference between Floor Paint...

Kinda surprised how quiet it is here!  Anyone?

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