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changing from gloss to satin

I have a rocking chair that I stained and finished about 30 years ago. I used a glossy finish but I would like to change it to satin. Can this be done like I would put any additional coat on (lightly sand, remove dust, etc) or do I need to strip off the old finish? The chair and finish are both in excellent shape. Also, as a side question, I spilled some paint thinner on a cardboard board that I use for projects, is it still flamable (sp)when it dries?

Re: changing from gloss to satin

The best way to apply satin finish is to use high gloss for all but the last coat. You already have the high gloss. You need to clean the rocker throughly to remove dirt and oil, lightly sand or use a liquid deglosser, and apply the satin finish.

Once dried the paint thinner has evaporated although there still may be an oily residue. It shouldn't be of much danger.

Re: changing from gloss to satin

What type of finish was used on this chair 30 years ago? Shellac? Lacquer? Oil-based varnish? Depending upon the answer, the prep will vary.

Also, what type of finish do you intend/desire to put on it now?

You cannot put varnish directly over lacquer, for instance....and the opposite would not be advisable either.

Bottom line = more info needed.

Re: changing from gloss to satin


Given the age of the existing varnished finish,you probably had used a conventional oil based varnish and JLMcDaniels advice is very good.

If in doubt, I would make a test in some inconspicuous area, such as the underside of the seat. If incompatibility issues exist, they will soon be evident such as lifting or wrinkling of the existing finish or failure of the new coat of varnish to bond to the old finish. After 24 hours, see if you can scrape off the new varnish with your fingernail or a scraper.

It is never a bad idea to read the cautionary warnings on the varnish label. It always amazes me at how many of the customers I serve admit that they never read the label! Duh! I have been around paint for over 50 years and the first thing I do when using an unfamiliar product is read the label, especially in these days of exotic synthetic finishes. Also, most manufacturers have good websites where helpful information may be had.

Re: changing from gloss to satin

Thank you so much for the great advice. I don't remember what I used originally but it was definitely something in a can. Jack's advice sounds good. :D

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