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A. Spruce
Behr Paint

I once again had the "luxury" of using Behr paint today, needless to say, I'm still not a fan.:rolleyes:

Re: Behr Paint


How could this happen? Must have been a special order.

I commonly use these paints, which are much better than many other more expensive brands. Dollar for dollar, they stand up (regardless how much you hate them and HD). But you have to understand why I use them: for rental properties and for the price.

A. Spruce
Re: Behr Paint

I'm just taking care of a few Honey-Dos for a friend, it's what they had purchased. I don't expect to change anyone's buying habits with my opinion, just letting you know that with each time I use it, which is about once every few years, my opinion hasn't changed about it.

For what it's worth, I've had very good experiences with Valspar paint, which is a low dollar brand. I'd buy it over Behr any day of the week.

Re: Behr Paint

What about it don't you like? I haven't used it for a while, but I don't remember any particular issues other than I prefer to use paint stores rather than box stores.

A. Spruce
Re: Behr Paint

Well, 10 years ago it wouldn't cure, 5 years ago the spatter was God awful. The current problem is that it dries before it gets off the roller - literally! It's a good thing I didn't have to lay off the doors I painted, because this stuff was drying before I could come back and smooth it out with a roller, much less a brush, and I was only doing a 6" wide by 36" stroke, basically half a door length and 6" widths at a time. It was hard enough to keep the previous 6" swath wet enough to smooth out, but by the time I got across the width of a 30" door, the original swath was dry beyond going over again, which made blending in the lower half of the door quite fun. Subsequent coats were ever so slightly better, but only ever so slightly. The environment I was working in wasn't particularly warm or dry, and there was no air movement in the house at the time of the painting. The only "up" side was that I could second coat almost immediately, but I'd have rather had a bit more working time than short second coating time.

I have to adjust one of the doors tomorrow, so we'll see if it decided to cure or not. The last time I used Behr, several days went by and you could still scoop it off with your fingernail.

I will never buy a Behr product to use for myself or on one of my projects. The only time I will be forced to use it is when a customer has purchased it already. I hold to my long standing opinion, it's garbage paint. There are better, cheap paints out there than Behr, hell, I'd even choose Glidden over it, and Glidden is a rock bottom brand.

While it is true that I've never liked Behr, because in my experience, it just doesn't perform the way paint should, I still go into each new opportunity using it with an open mind, and each and every time it continues to meet my extremely low expectations. It just isn't worth using, there are other "cheap" paints out there that perform better, IMHO.

Re: Behr Paint

Spruce, you need to use more coffee so you can keep up with the paint drying time. About 4 cups per gallon works for me :cool:

I despise Behr ceiling paint- too gray and too chalky in applying it- it does not want to stick when brushed or rolled and does not flow well from any brush I've tried (and I have a wide range of Purdy's here) The wall paints are somewhat better but still no cigar. Valspar also doesn't like flowing from my brushes well either. I'll use both brands when I have to, but given a choice I much prefer SW 400 for almost all my interior work- great handling, coverage, and durable too. Who could want more? The one exception for me is Olympic gloss and semi-gloss for trim- it outshines everyone else's stuff by far no matter the price, it handles well, and it's cheap too.


A. Spruce
Re: Behr Paint

LOL Yeah, I'm sure that more coffee is what I need! LOL;)

The only thing I can say about Behr is that it has been consistently inconsistent. You brought up another problem that has been an ongoing issue, adhesion, which reminded me of coverage as well. It doesn't stick, so it doesn't cover well, not even with multiple coats. White over white, you can't tell, but tint that bad boy down, and you'll see a white undercoat all day long, even after applying 3 coats.

I don't recall any adhesion issues with Valspar. It was a bit thinner than better brands, which meant it wanted to creep up the bristles, but nothing a quick wash-out couldn't control. Never had any run issues with it though, except for that rare occasion when the sprayer would lay it on a bit too heavy . . . Damn sprayer! :p

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