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Base cabinets over baseboard heat piping

To all who have been there, done that, I need your help for how you installed your base cabinets over the existing baseboard heat. I am currently remodeling my kitchen and one outside wall has the heat running the entire wall where new base cabinets will be installed along with a dishwasher & range. Where the heating pipe enters the kitchen is through the floor from basement & runs through an adjacent wall into the next room. I understand most people cut the new base units out to fit over the heat pipes, but how do you get the dishwash & range to push against the wall with the piping out about 3" from the wall. Basement accessability is not an option as there is a finished room below kitchen and ceiling is not removeable. Ideas/suggestions welcome.

Re: Base cabinets over baseboard heat piping

I assume you're talking about forced hot water baseboard heat, usually with 3/4" copper tubing as the piping, if not, please advise.

In such cases, the boiler is temporarily shut down, partially drained, & the existing hot water baseboard is removed; the piping is cut at the entry & exit points to the room & the base cabinets installed.

One or two kickspace heaters are then installed at the base of the new cabinets (see photos at Beacon-Morris site below) and connected up to the original copper heat piping (usually soldering the copper tubing); PEX plastic tubing is also used for the hookup, & costs less money, but the fittings are often more expensive.

There is also a 120V electric hookup needed to drive the fan/motor of the kickspace heater.

You would have to do a heat loss calc to determine how much heat you need in the kitchen, or you could calculate how many btu's/hour the current baseboard radiation is putting out by multiplying the total footage of the baseboards by 600 (each foot of baseboard emits approx. 600 btu/hr).

Thus if you currently have 25' of baseboard radiation in the kitchen: 600 X 25 = 15,000 btu/hr needed from the new kickspace heaters (7,500 for each one) to keep the kitchen sufficiently warm---the btu/hr rating of each kickspace heater is always stamped somewhere on its housing.

Since kitchens are inherently cramped for space due to appliances, the heating industry makes all kinds of convectors, small radiators, etc. to accomodate the limited space available----the kickspace heaters are usually only 16" wide X 3" high, yet put out thousands of btu/hr.

Home Depot/Lowe's might sell these, but also check local heating supply houses for best price & quiet operation.


Re: Base cabinets over baseboard heat piping

Yes, that is correct..There is also a steam pr valve that comes out one of the 90's where the range is going

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