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Asbestos in old sand textured paint?

Hi all,

A big section of wallpaper came loose in my living room a few days ago, and revealed a coat of sand-textured paint (the slightly nubby type that feels like sandpaper when you touch it, NOT spray-on popcorn texture. It feels like the texture was mixed into the paint before application.)

Are there any known toxicity issues with older textured paint (besides lead, obviously--I haven't touched it until I can get it tested)? The house was built in 1881 and redone during the 1960s, so I suspect that's when it was covered up. I have no idea how long it's been on the walls--the oldest photos we can find (without the paint) are from 1930.

I'm mainly concerned about asbestos, because my previous home was 100% asbestos popcorn on the ceilings when I bought it and I'm very wary of exposure.

Appreciate any knowledge I can get!

Re: Asbestos in old sand textured paint?

The grit in sand texture paint is exactly that - sand,i.e. silica particles. It is embedded in the paint and should present no problem. It is a pain in the behind to patch and touch up. Hard to get it to match exactly, especially because it has been painted over a few times and the texture looks more subtle than fresh tecture added to paint, which looks sharper and more pronounced. If you patch it, you might want to paint over it several times to blunt the sharp texture. Also, higher gloss paint will emphasize the texture. Use low sheen paint to make it less obvious.

Re: Asbestos in old sand textured paint?

Thanks for the info and advice! I obviously won't be scraping at it if it's full of silica particles, but this is helpful.

It's painted over wallpaper, so I'm hoping I can loosen the edge, as I did on the outer layer, and peel. You're right, texture is hard to cover!

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