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Are my cabinets going to fall?

The kitchen cabinets in my house are 10 years old and are in pretty good shape. However, I've noticed that the cabinets are pulling away from the ceiling and walls that they are installed up against.

I checked the screws and they were indeed slanted downwards (as such: \), so I tried to drill additional screws as reinforcement into the studs. I moved things off the cabinet shelves and have been storing them elsewhere to ease the load. Unfortunately, I don't think it's been working, because the cracks between the walls/ceiling to the cabinets have been getting bigger. When I push the cabinets up, they do move a very little bit, which makes me think that they might actually fall...

Does anyone have an idea to keep the darned thing from falling (other than just replacing them)?

A. Spruce
Re: Are my cabinets going to fall?

If you are certain that your fasteners (new and old ) are in the studs, then short of the cabinet falling apart, it's not going to come off the wall.

Are you noticing cracks between the wall/ceiling joints that expand and contract with seasonal temperature and humidity changes? If so, then you may have a condition known as truss uplift. If you've been experiencing unusually dry or wet conditions the house itself could be moving (normal in most circumstances), which could account for the cabinets seemingly moving. If this last condition is a possibility, you're going to notice changes in door clearances between the door and jamb.

Re: Are my cabinets going to fall?

Remove one cabinet off the wall, check the wall for plumb and the ceiling for level. If you are satisfied, re-install the cabinet, make absolutely sure your screws go into the studs. Use new screws long enough to go at least 1-1/4" into the studs. Drive them a little bit down. Don't use drywall screws, but cabinet mounting screws.

See if this helps.

Re: Are my cabinets going to fall?

Are the screws going through the rear framing of the cabinets? Do the cabinets have rear framing?

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