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Alkyd paints for doors.

Hi there!
Planning to re paint my doors - previously painted once - poor quality latex paint with very visible streaks.
Will send everything thoroughly and then planning to apply Zinsser Oil Primer which I've got. Want to apply oil based paint too with longer drying times to achieve best results. Is this the same as Alkyd paint?
Please advise.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

Exterior or interior?
If it's interior I'd probably just use Ben Moore "Advance" waterborne Alkyd.
Roll on, brush out to get the best finish. Takes too long to apply with just a brush.
For exterior, you have a few choices:
cheapest would be a can of Oil Rustoleum. Not the greatest paint but will do the job.
Next up in price would be a polyurethane enamel like Duron's "Duraclad". I've had this on my black front door for 16 years, but for sun fading it needs to be sanded down and recoated every two years.
If there's little sun exposure it is a great choice.
Finally, if you want the best finish available, there is "Hollandlac Brilliant" from Fine Paints of Europe, but you'll need $60/qt. to swing it. Applied over their "brushing putty" undercoat, there is nothing shinier or more luxurious-looking.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

I've had good results with Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel on doors. To get it to flow out smoothly I add some floetrol. I get a nice durable finish, though it's still not as hard as an oil-based paint, but if it's outside you won't have to worry about mildew problems since it's a water-based acrylic instead of oil-based.

If it's Inside, I'd agree with Sombreuil_mongrel about using a waterborne alkyd. I've never tried Ben Moore's Advanced but been curious to. My go to for interior doors and trim is Sherwin-Williams ProClassic waterborne alkyd. Dries nice and hard and flows out very smooth.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

What they said plus;

Latex paints have gotten much much better over the last decades and now rival oil based paint. We use latex on all surfaces as it doesn't yellow like oil.

Have no fear of painting outside or inside with a good quality latex paint.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

Thank you,
it is for inside doors.
Unfortunately I had bad experience with Benjamin Moor brand. Paint was very thick and left unsightly brush streaks... I know I might've been unlucky with the batch, but still...
Anybody has experience/opinion about Behr alkyd paint? I do like their latex paints...
Thank you.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

We like Behr paint and will be buying some tomorrow

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

I just painted a bathroom with Behr high gloss paint (customer's choice) and must say that it was not easy to apply.

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

What difficulty did you have? Was it Alkyd paint?

I don't know what to do with my door guys... There is not too much wood - mostly glass panels. Everything leaves brush strokes on it! Applied a layer of Zinnser oil primer - did everything correctly - first foam roller, then smooth it out with a good brush once, in correct order and direction, did not rub in... even this left horrible brush marks! I did send it today - it looks good - smooth - but this is just a primer... I won't be able to send the final coat of paint and I am afraid the result will be the same...
Should I get can paint? Try alkyd? Try latex again?
Please help.

P.S. Actually thin rails between the glass panels look good, they did look good even with latex paint... It's stills and top and bottom rails that are giving me problems...

Re: Alkyd paints for doors.

You were right to sand the primer as smooth as you can get it. As for the paint. If it's an interior door try Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Acrylic-Alkyd. I use that stuff on all my inside trim and doors and it smooths out perfectly. I don't even roll it on. Just brush it on, tip-off, and leave it alone. Don't work it to much! That's usually what gives you the brush marks. The minute it's on the door it starts to dry and you need to give it as much time as possible to level out.

If it's exterior then SW Porch and Floor Enamel is what I use every time. Although with that I add some Floetrol to help it level out. If you can't spray then brushing seems to be the best option for me to get a smooth finish.

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