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air conditioner to wide for window.

I have a window air condition unit to install but it is 6" to wide for the window. From top to bottom it is fine.

I have no problem with cutting out the space needed to accommodate the unit but am concerned with the support to hold it in. The location is a 2nd floor stairway landing.

To the right of this window is the hallway wall which I presume has a support coming down that corner but then question if it's okay to have a window air conditioner flush with an interior wall.

To the left of the window is the exterior wall by the staircase and I have no idea how far that way to the next support.

I'm pretty handy and with good instruction think I could complete the project but I need to be sure I'm doing it correctly. I don't want this 180lb monster to fall out and kill somebody!

Any instruction, tips or links to help are most appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Re: air conditioner to wide for window.

Does your air conditioner have slid out expansion wings on the side? If it does you should be able to remove them and pick up close to the 6". With a window unit the weight is carried by the sill and the upper sash prevents it from rolling out. If you have any doubts you could always install a shelf for it to set on.

Re: air conditioner to wide for window.

the framing on either side of the window supports the header & it shouldn't be removed without reframing the opening. If you can't make it fit per the previous posters suggestion get another air conditioner. It will likely be cheaper than modifying the window & opening.

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