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Adjust an electrical outlet

This is a woman(widow) writing so please be specific with reply as I am not a guru with electric but I am handy. I have an electrical outlet--counter height that when it was nailed to the stud, during construction, it was nailed too far out so it is not flush with the sheetrock. It sticks out about 1/4" and so the cover plate cannot go flush to the wall. This bugs the heck out of me and I am wondering if there is any fix. I am willing to call an electrician if that's who can fix it without tearing out the sheetrock. There are 2 large nails holding it onto the stud. They could be cut with the proper saw but then how would one attach the box? There is insulation behind the box and another wall of sheetrock on the other side as this is an interior wall. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Adjust an electrical outlet

Couple ideas. (It would bug the _____ out of me as well.):D

You may need to look a while but they do sell cover plates that are formed with deeper edges just for the reason you mentioned.

I have also used a hack saw blade with one end taped up to make a handle and cut the plastic box flush with the face of the drywall. (You will need to remove the device prior.) If you do this you will most likely damage the threaded part of the box that holds the device screws. It is either threaded or there is a metal tab formed in to the box that wedges against the screw threads. If that happens I have removed the device screws and replaced them with a drywall screw that is large enough to thread into the surrounding plastic.

Re: Adjust an electrical outlet

Turn the power off to the outlet.
Remove the cover plate.
Remove the top and bottom screw that holds the outlet in.
Pull the outlet out so it is out of the way.
Pull the mounting nails or cut them with a sawwzall. Be careful not to drop the box in the wall.
Slid the box in untill flush with the wall.
Drive two new mounting nails into the stud.
Reinstall the outlet and the cover plate.
Turn electric back on.

If you drive a screwdriver tip in under the head of the nails you may be able to pry them out.
Hope that helps,

Re: Adjust an electrical outlet

"Drive two new mounting nails into the stud."

If you do this you will need to do it through the inside of the box. Might want to think about predrilling a couple of holes at an angle but, yup, it would work.

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