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Adding dedicated circuit for new TV...

Late last year my husband rewarded himself and upgraded our old tube television with a nice large flat panel television. The problem we have is that in our family room we seem to have too many electrical items on the same circuit. We are finding that when you do things such as vaccuuming when the TV is on the breaker will go leaving us in the dark. Although the TV is protected by a surge suppressor we really don't like the idea of having this expensive TV put in this situation. The solution we are looking at is creating a dedicated circuit for these components.

Our neighbor, who is a general concractor, suggested we run wiring outside the home in conduit so we don't have to tear up dry-wall. While it makes the problem much easier is this a valid way to solve this problem? Is there something else we should consider?

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Adding dedicated circuit for new TV...

If you have access above the ceiling (attic) or below the floor (craw space or basement) it's easy to run cable and drill hole in sill or cap to get new wire to new outlet. If you don't then running cable inside may require cutting access holes in your drywall. If you have easy access to the outside you can run the conduit down and bury the conduit rather than attaching it to the side of the house.

Not knowing your house makes it very difficult to be more specific.

Re: Adding dedicated circuit for new TV...

GC's are great at what THEY do. But consider the advice of an electrician first.

Re: Adding dedicated circuit for new TV...

Thanks for the reply. I agree with your commment about the GC and I don't personally know an electrition which is why I am posting here :) Thanks for chiming in!

Our house is a tri-level house and the space where we want to run wiring is on the ground floor and does not have attic OR basement access. The floor in this room is a poured concrete slab. Our only two options would be to run wiring inside or the conduit outside. Wiring on the inside would be a big challenge because of the length of the run and the fact that it would pass 3 rooms. One of these rooms is our laundry room where all the pipes from the upstairs go through. Running conduit outside would be the least intrusive although we were not sure if this would break any building codes. We did not think of burying and thanks for idea as that would be the best.

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