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4-24ft long gaps in newly installed engineered hardwood floors

  I purchased a new construction two months ago.  Three weeks after closing, we moved into our new home and noticed long gaps in our engineered hardwood floors.  The flooring we chose is Armstrong Flooring 3 in. wide X 1/2 in. thick medium gloss (Prime Harvest 42100 CB Cocoa Bean's 3" Oak.)

  There are areas where the gaps run the entire length of the house.  The gaps can fit 1 nickel and a credit card.

 1.) Kitchen/dinette area - over 24 ft long
 2.) Pantry - 12 ft
 3.) Stairwell - 4 ft

 Stonemark Flooring did the installation and they sent out an in-house inspector.  He wrote up that the long gaps are due to uninsulated heating ducts underneath causing low humidity and the gaps will close up in summer.  I been keeping my temperature at 70 degrees and humidity at 30-40.  The location of heating ducts does not correspond to the location of gaps.  The heating ducts have great insulation.

  Also, three houses in the community with the Longwood model has the same issue.  We all have long running gaps at the same exact locations (kitchen/dinette, pantry, and stairwell). 
I am very certain the gaps are not due to low humidity and will not close up in summer.  The builder is hiding behind the installer's report and not pressing them to fix the problem.  

  After much research, I believe the subfloor is warping or moving.  I have a panoramic photo of the entire first level subfloor taken during the build.  The 24 ft. long gap is located right underneath where the subfloor panels meet.  Also, my basement mechanic room is unfinished.  I measured the gap between 2 sublfloor panels and it is almost 1/4 inches, double the standard 1/8 inches. 

   If the subfloor is not correctly installed, does that mean all the hardwood on the first floor has to be removed?  What are options for fixing the subfloor and hardwood.

  Greatly appreciate if you can get back to m

Re: 4-24ft long gaps in newly installed engineered hardwood...

Also, my floor squeaks.

Re: 4-24ft long gaps in newly installed engineered hardwood...


Anytime that you have issues in the subfloor, it same will happen in the living area floor. Just like paint showing bad things thru the paint. I could not tell anything from the picture, other than a mess in the mechanical room. Very poor workmanship and organization. I am not a fan of fake floors(engineered flooring). You would be better off tearing all that out and fixing the issue. Don't depend on the builder. They made the mistake the first time around.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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