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Sneak Peek: Charleston

A porch in sad shape makes way for a historically accurate addition

Charlestown 2014 House, After: Worth the Wait

Patience, vision, and very fortunate timing all played a role in bringing an 1850 brick rowhouse back from the brink in the current TOH TV project

TOH TV in Charlestown: TOH Came to My Rescue

A longtime fan gets her dream remodel, as the crew resuscitates her Greek Revival

Sneak Peek: The 35th Season of TOH, in Charlestown, Massachusetts

This Old House television starts its 35th anniversary season by renovating an 1850 Greek Revival rowhouse in a historic Boston neighborhood

The Charlestown 2014 House

For the 35th anniversary season of This Old House TV, the show's crew, led by general contractor Tom Silva, will restore an 1850 Greek Revival row house in Boston's historic Charlestown

The Charlestown 2014 House: Before

For its 35th anniversary season, This Old House TV is renovating an 1850 Greek Revival rowhouse in a historic Boston neighborhood

Smoke Out a Chimney Cleaner Scam

Avoiding fall victim to chimney cleaning con artists

U.S. Architecture: Where Did American Second Empire Come From?

We have Napoleon III to thank for the style known as American Second Empire.

The Art of Graining

For his next trick: master refinisher John Dee transforms MDF into wood.

A Stand-in for Brownstone

Cast concrete can bring damaged brownstone back to life

The Charlestown House

This Old House heads back to the city for the renovation of an 1865 Second Empire-style brick townhouse in Boston's historic Charlestown neighborhood.

Homeowners Wrestle With the Traditional-vs.-Contemporary Debate

Here's how two homeowners decided between old and new looks for their third-floor addition.

Old House, New Light

Lighting designer Susan Arnold helped the Charlestown homeowners select modern fixtures to illuminate their old house

A Goof-Proof Roof

The Charlestown roof boasts a blend of old and new methods that respect the building's historic character and as well as its budget

Bamboo: the Greener Grass

Bamboo flooring is durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly

MDF: The Rest of the Tree

How wood scraps become a smooth, sound building material for the 21st century

An Urban Oasis

With a little forethought, the Charlestown courtyard was transformed into a garden sanctuary for a hot summer day

Preserving Historic Plaster

Old house plaster problems are unique to each historic building, but with a few basic tools and materials and an appreciation of history, repair is at hand

The Six Degrees of Renovation

Like the six degrees that are said to separate you from every other person, six phases separate every homeowner from a completed renovation.

Sorting the Choices When Buying Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets can make anyone sweat. Double the decisions and you've got a real barn burner

Hard Decisions to Make When Old Windows Need Lots of Help

If windows are a house's eyes then, like human eyes, they're worth taking care of

Up in Smoke

How can you tell if your chimney is a fire hazard? Follow the advice of chimney specialist Mark Shaub who checked out the chimneys on This Old House TV's Charlestown project

A Roof with a View

When demolition and renovation begin to overwhelm, Dan and Heather retreat to the roof to keep their dream in sight.

In the Zone

When renovating in Boston, homeowners inevitably run up against the city's zoning code.