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Buying Guide for Reclaimed Wood

We share why and how you can use reclaimed wood to add history and character to your home as well as where to find it.

A Guide to Modern House Framing Materials

Learn about the new technology and techniques in framing construction, which allow for higher ceilings, larger open spaces, and even cantilevered rooms.


Making Modern Windows Work in a Historic Home

The trick to renovating a historic home is to use replacement windows with authentic period details, like Marvin Windows

Video Tour: The Cambridge 2012 House, After

Take a walk through the completed Queen Anne house from This Old House television's 2012 season

The Cambridge TV House: Updating a Classic Queen Anne

With a Scandinavian-style interior and an open layout, the latest TOH TV project tucks a much-improved floor plan inside the restored shell of an 1887 Queen Anne

The Cambridge 2012 House

This Old House TV heads to a historic New England neighborhood to give a bland Queen Anne some Scandinavian style

TOH TV's Cambridge Project House: Before

This fall on TOH TV: A poorly renovated 1887 Queen Anne in a historic district of Cambridge, Mass., will get a much-needed modern revamp. Plus: a second project in Essex, Mass., gets underway as well

How to Buy Reclaimed Lumber

Our Cambridge, Massachusetts, project house used wood from old, redwood olive-oil barrels. Here's how to get wood that has a history that's longer, even, than yours.

Better Waterproofing at the Cambridge House

How builder's channeled water that sneaks behind the cladding

Broken Glass in Your Modern-Style Garden?

Our Cambridge project house is Modern, which means its garden will be Modern, too. That could mean unusual materials. Like broken glass.

Don't Just Jump into a Water Feature

Fountains, ponds, even faux streams are great additions. Just consider resource maintenance before you build.

Stone Faced

Rock veneer adds depth and texture to walls, foundations, and chimneys

Take the Chill off Modern Architecture

This Old House television project

A Wall of Windows Goes Into the TOH Cambridge House

Catch up on advances in home-window manufacturing.

How to Take Down a Wall

Tom Silva and friends take down an outdated carport by hand in the Cambridge house

The Cambridge House

The latest TOH project is unlike any other we've tackled in 25 seasons. Built in 1950, this Modern house is tired, leaking, and historic. So, what's worth saving?