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Fast Fixes for Floor Scratches

Between footwear, pets, and furniture, wood floors can take a beating. Minimize the signs of wear and tear with these easy repairs.

How to Light a Windowless Room

Pro tips for brightening spaces that lack natural light

Save This Old House: Handsome Two-Story Greek Revival

This southern home on the National Register of Historic Places is primed for a forward-looking rehab

Heads Up! Faux Taxidermy

Answer the call of the wild with these cheeky trophy mounts

Universal Design Master Bath Redo

Reworking a cramped master bath for accessibility allows everyone room to move

IKEA Dresser: One Piece, Five Ways

A plain flat-pack dresser gets a vintage-hardware-fueled redo. Then another, and another...


How to Make a Campaign-Style Dresser

Glossy orange paint, and campaign pulls and brackets lend a flat-pack dresser the look of traveling furniture in our One Piece, Five Ways series


How to Make a Victorian-Style Dresser

Buttery painted-on trim, stenciled flower details, and drop pulls give a flat-pack dresser folk Victorian character in our One Piece, Five Ways series


How to Make an Art Deco-Style Dresser

Black pin bulls, teal paint, and graphic stripes give a flat-pack dresser Jazz-Age style in our One Piece, Five Ways series


How to Make a Mid-century Modern-style Dresser

Olive paint, walnut stain, and brass knobs give a flat-pack dresser mid-century modern flair in our One Piece, Five Ways series