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How to Prep Your Grill for Barbecue Season

Before the season really heats up, give your barbecue its annual checkup using these tips.

How Make a Ghost Out of Chicken Wire 

Looking for a creative halloween decoration for your yard? This eerie "ghost" is poised and ready to startle unsuspecting visitors.

Entryway Benches

Whether you have a full-on mudroom or want to dedicate a section of wall to act as one, a seat with storage is a by-the-door essential

How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights

These charming lanterns brighten an evening barbecue spread, and they're a cinch to make from supplies you can pick up at the home center.

10 Uses for Wine Bottles

Spare yourself hefty recycling bins and repurpose wine bottles with these ideas

How to Create an Eerie Halloween Mirror

This haunting "reflection" will spook your guests and turn any entryway into a spot the Addams Family would approve of.

How to Create Tin-Can Lanterns

Welcome trick-or-treaters by candlelight with festive punched-out luminaries made from leftover food cans

10 Uses for Old Flatware

Orphaned utensils find new purpose in performing other household functions