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Entryway Benches

Photo by Andrew McCaul

How to bring order to the drop zone just inside the door? Of course you need hooks for hang-ups (jackets, slickers, hoodies, and the like), but just as key is a landing spot: a place to put down backpacks, sit and shed footwear, and, ideally, stash caps, sports gear, dog-walking necessities, and more. A seat with storage can provide that, whether it has a big stowaway space beneath a hinged bench lid, or open shelves or cubbies that can hold bins and baskets to contain and conceal all manner of clutter-creating bits and pieces.

Chosen wisely, a storage bench is also a stylish addition to your entry. The seven versions on this page and the following one all boast clean-lined, compact profiles and handsome painted- or stained-wood finishes. So take a look at this industrious seating, where you can take a load off—and stow it away.

Classic Hideaway

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Yield House

Size: 36"W × 15"D × 19"H

Made of: Pine with a distressed painted finish in Old Sage

Highlights:Clutter disappears inside this elevated trunk-style seat, which has paneling

detail for a handcrafted look.

About $160, American Country Home Store

Shelf Help

Photo by Andrew McCaul


Size: 40"W × 14"D × 22"H

Made of: Beech, MDF, and veneer with an antiqued-walnut stain and a lacquered finish

Highlights:A low-clearance shelf holds shoes; a larger one, everything else.

About $130,

Crafted to Last

Photo by Andrew McCaul

L.L. Bean

Size: 36"W × 14"D × 17½"H

Made of: Ash with a lacquered finish

Highlights:This one's beauty is in the details: visible wood grain, sturdy square legs, and a solid shelf to corral containers.

About $190, L.L. Bean

Woven Perch

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Ballard Designs

Size: 31¾"W × 11¾"D × 18¼"H

Made of: Painted rattan, MDF, and eucalyptus

Highlights:Whitewashed rattan sides and a woven top give this bench comfy, cottage appeal.

About $150, Ballard Designs

Cubby Compartments

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Mill Stores

Size: 40½"W × 16¾"D × 19"H

Made of: Unfinished pine (We painted it in Benjamin Moore's Blue Nova.)

Highlights:You can add baskets to the bays and assign each to a different family member. The top cushion rail is ready for decorative padding.

About $110, Mill Stores

Open and Airy

Photo by Andrew McCaul

Linden Street

Size: 38"W × 14"D × 18"H

Made of: Pine with a polyurethane finish

Highlights:Gently splayed legs create a graceful shape. Widely spaced slats hold bags and casual footwear.

About $55,

Sleek and Sturdy

Photo by Andrew McCaul


Size: 32⅝"W × 14⅝"D × 20⅞"H

Made of: Pine with a stained and lacquered finish

Highlights:Square lines give it a streamlined but substantial appearance. The shelf's wide slats help damp footwear dry faster.

About $80, Ikea