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Steps for replacing a picture window

  1. When working around broken glass, always wear gloves.
  2. Carefully remove the broken pieces of glass.
  3. Break the window muntins to access the rest of the glass.
  4. Remove the frame for the sash by scoring the paint and pushing it forward. A reciprocating saw may be required.
  5. When working from the inside, fillers may be required to get the jamb to the correct dimension.
  6. Create rabbeted pieces to act as a shelf for the new sash to sit against.
  7. Use a spray paint to prime the new rabbeted stops before installing.
  8. Create a filler piece to turn the angled sill into a flat surface.
  9. Remove the corners of the rabbeted stops so they fit together snugly. Install the rabbeted stops into the jamb.
  10. Use caulking to seal around the window opening.
  11. Install the new sash. Safety glass may be required, depending on the application.
  12. Toe nail the sash into the jamb and caulk the inside of the window.
  13. Apply a stained glass film to the inside of the glass for privacy or decoration.


The tempered glass replacement window used for this project was custom ordered from JB Sash and Door. Pre-built tempered glass windows are typically limited to a small selection of sizes. Most window and door manufacturers/suppliers can custom order almost any size tempered glass window.

The window film used to dress up the tempered glass can be found at the local home center. The window film is manufactured by Artscape; the style and size is Summer Magnolia Decorative Window Film, 24" x 36."