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TOH IS BACK! New Episodes Airing This Week

January 4, 2018 Our mid-season hiatus is over! Here's everything you need to know about new episodes of This Old House and Ask This Old House, airing this week

TOH fans have been missing their weekly episodes lately, but WE'RE BACK with all-new episodes following our regular mid-season hiatus. New episodes from The Jamestown Net Zero House started airing on Thursday, January 3, 2018 and host Kevin O'Connor took to social media to celebrate!

And we're back! Remember this little gem? The Jamestown project returns to PBS tonight nationally. It started off...

Posted by Kevin O'Connor on Thursday, January 3, 2019

As fans of the show know, TOH and Ask TOH air weekly on PBS but the show's schedule varies by market. Generally, new episodes air every Thursday or Saturday night. You can check local listings right here to find out when TOH and Ask TOH are showing near you. Right now you can watch teasers for this week's episodes of TOH (see the video player above) and Ask TOH (see the video player below).

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And don't forget!

New episodes of TOH and Ask TOH are available online every Sunday night at 7 P.M. EST and you can watch them for free, on-demand at! You can find new episodes of TOH here and Ask TOH here. Make sure you bookmark those pages.

For even more ways to watch us on-demand, online, or on your mobile device, click here.

Meet the crew and Generation NEXT apprentices, PLUS learn more about the Jamestown Net-Zero House here.

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