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Solar panels on home in California.

Horizon Solar Power Reviews (2024)

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Author Image Written by Tamara Jude Updated 04/18/2024

NOTE: Horizon Solar Power is no longer in business. Please receive quotes from a few of our other recommended solar companies in California.

In August 2017, Horizon Solar Power and Solar Spectrum merged, maintaining their individual brands as part of the larger Sungevity family. The merger expanded Horizon Solar Power’s sales strategies and helped align both companies to better serve their customers.

As a leading California solar installer, Horizon is committed to customizing solar systems across the state. In this review, we look into Horizon Solar Power services and its installation process to help you decide if the company is the best solar provider for you and your home.

Company Star Rating Warranties Payment Options Link
10–25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
10–25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
10-25 years Full purchase, loan GET QUOTE
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What Do We Think of Horizon Solar Power?

Horizon Solar Power is a local solar installer that offers a variety of purchasing plans. The company’s A- rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) makes it a trustworthy option for Californians looking to incorporate solar into their homes.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Horizon Solar Power below.


Offers customers up to $2,000 through its referral program
Allows customers to choose from four financing options
Accredited by the BBB


Only available in California
Doesn’t provide system warranties to residential customers

Horizon Solar Power provides customized solar panel installation for residential and commercial customers and is a part of the process from start to finish.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

To begin your solar project, Horizon Solar conducts a free in-home consultation that analyzes your home’s energy needs and infrastructure to determine if your home is compatible with solar. Following your consultation, Horizon Solar provides you with a free proposal detailing your custom system design and installation quote. At that time, you’ll learn about your local rebates and available savings.

If you decide on solar from Horizon, the company will take care of the necessary inspections and paperwork to ensure your solar panel installation is completed within three days. Once installed, your local utility provider will change your electric meter and a Horizon Solar Power technician will teach you how to use your system.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Horizon Solar Power follows a similar installation process when working with commercial clients and helps maximize their savings by designing a system unique to each business. Horizon guarantees the performance of its commercial systems for 20 years.

What Are the Purchasing Options at Horizon Solar Power?

Horizon Solar Power offers customers the choice of four purchasing options to help finance their solar energy system.

OptionsSolar PurchaseSolar LoanPower Purchasing Agreement (PPA)Solar Lease
DescriptionCustomers who choose to purchase their system outright assume full responsibility of the system but don’t owe a monthly payment to Horizon.Solar loan customers owe a set monthly payment to assume full ownership of the system.PPA customers enter into a contract with Horizon to purchase power at a fixed monthly rate. At the end of the PPA agreement, customers can choose to purchase the system.Commercial customers can enter into a solar lease and pay monthly for solar energy.
CostFull cost of the systemSet monthly paymentsSet monthly paymentsSet monthly payments starting at as little as $0
Covered maintenanceNoNo
Tax rebatesEligibleEligibleNot eligibleNot eligible

Note: Solar leasing agreements are only available to commercial customers.

How Much Can You Save With the Referral Program?

Horizon allows customers, non-customers, and employees to register for its referral program. The referral program rewards users based on the number of referrals given.

Here are the rewards available to program members based on the referral:

  • 1st referral—$500
  • 2nd referral—$1,000
  • 3rd referral—$2,000

Horizon Solar Power created a referral mobile app to simplify the referral process by letting users submit referrals and check on their status remotely.

Horizon Solar Power Warranties and Accreditation

Horizon Solar Power doesn’t provide any system warranties for residential customers, explaining that system warranties are available for solar purchase customers under their individual homeowners insurance policy.

Note: Customers under a power purchase agreement are responsible for installing and maintaining their own system.


Horizon Solar Power is accredited by the BBB and holds an A- rating from the company.

Our Conclusion

Horizon Solar Power provides customers with excellent customer service, a variety of purchasing options, and a lucrative referral program. Although Horizon received some complaints about aggressive sales tactics, the company offers a concise and simple installation process to customers who are interested in switching to solar energy.

Before choosing Horizon Solar Power, we recommend getting a few quotes from a variety of solar providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Horizon Solar Power

Will solar work on my roof?

There are four main factors to consider when determining if your roof can support solar: orientation, shading, surface, and durability.

  1. Orientation—Solar panels are most efficient when facing south because they receive sunlight all day long in that position. A solar system can be operational facing another direction, but the system’s efficiency may decrease.
  2. Shading—Roofs that aren’t excessively shaded by trees, buildings, or other obstructions produce the most energy.
  3. Surface—Your roof must have enough space to support your solar panels. Roofs with steep slopes or multiple chimneys may prevent solar panel installation.
  4. Durability—Before solar panel installation, consider the age of your roof. If it needs to be replaced in the near future, replace it before installing your solar panels.

Will my solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels rarely need major repairs, but you should clean your panels twice a year with soap and water. Additionally, call a solar professional to inspect your panels every three to five years to make sure your system remains in good condition.

Can solar panels be recycled?

Yes. Once your panels reach the end of their life, there are recycling programs for your old or damaged system.

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