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S20 E38: Pond Maintenance, Demilune Table

In this episode, Mark explains finishes for brick and concrete; Jenn shows how to maintain a small backyard pond, and Tom builds a three-legged Demilune table.

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In this episode:

Host Kevin O’Connor meets mason Mark McCullough at the shop to discuss masonry finishes. After Mark explains when and the reasons why such a durable material needs sealing, he walks Kevin O’Connor through the process. He states it’s crucial to repair the masonry first, then he wets the walls and applies a detergent. Finally, he applies the sealer.

After discussing the surfaces to seal and those that shouldn’t be sealed, the two discuss the process of changing the look of masonry. Mark shows Kevin some stains and explains how they work and why they’re better than paint in most cases.

Next, landscape contractor, Jenn Nawada takes us on a house call to help a homeowner clean up their backyard pond. After assessing the pond and noticing the amount of algae, Jenn thinks calling in an expert for help is in order.

Jenn, the expert, and the homeowner get to work removing the fish and draining the pond. After adding some lights, changing filter elements, and adding some helpful bacteria, they can get the pond back up and running before adding the fish. Next, they work together to clean the pond and fix some fallen stones.

Finally, Kevin meets general contractor Tom Silva back at the shop for a woodworking project: making a demilune table. After showing Kevin an example he built in shop class, the two get to work building the new table.

First, Tom shows Kevin how to create a scale model of the table. Next, they use a jig Tom designed to glue the curved apron. Then, they use another one of Tom’s jigs to cut tapered legs. Using yet another jig, the two cut the tabletop with a router and then cut slots into the backside of the apron. Finally, Tom slides clips into the slots and secures the tabletop for a finished project.

Masonry Finishes for Brick and Concrete

Mason Mark McCullough teaches us everything we need to know about sealing, protecting, and beautifying masonry surfaces.

Where to find it?

Mark and Kevin discuss masonry finishes for brick, stucco, stone, concrete, and cinder block. Mark doesn’t recommend painting masonry. He explains that paint creates a barrier that doesn’t allow the masonry work to breathe, resulting in a build-up of damage causing moisture. Instead of paint, Mark recommends using masonry stains which are available in a variety of colors.

Masonry stains can be sourced online and in your local home center.

How to Maintain a Backyard Pond

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada helps a homeowner restore their backyard pond to its former glistening glory.

Where to find it?

Cleaning the pond required a large tank area to drain the water, a power washer to clean the stones, and a new filter for the spillway. These items are found at most pond supply stores and some landscape supply stores.

Expert assistance with this segment was provided by Fred Pape, New England Aquatic Landscaping, and Forever Green Landscaping, Inc.

Build It | Demilune Table

General contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor walk us through the process of building a demilune table.

Original Air Date: July 28, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 38 23:42

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