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S20 E37: Deck Chairs, Damp Basement

In this episode, Tom shares a trick to evenly space balusters; Heath shows how to drill holes in studs to run wire; Jenn Largesse builds DIY deck chairs; Richard explains how to deal with a damp basement.

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In this episode:

General contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O’Connor a quick, cheap, and accurate way to space balusters during a railing project. This simple trick involves a trip to the fabric store for an elastic band, a tape measure, and some careful alignment to perfectly place balusters without complicated math and fractions.

Next, master electrician, Heath Eastman shows us the trade tricks for drilling holes through studs. Heath shows us the frequently used tools, including his drills, attachments, and drill bits that make drilling accurate and code-compliant holes a breeze.

After drilling holes through two stud walls, Heath shows us how to run wires through them quickly and easily. Once he reaches a corner, Heath reveals techniques he uses to get wires to snake through and around the corner studs, even if there isn’t much room to work with. And, for those instances where it can be tough to stay code-compliant, Heath shows us a handy device to keep things safe.

Next, we meet House One editor and DIY expert Jenn Largesse as she moves forward with her backyard renovation project. With a pile of leftover deck boards on hand, Jenn and her husband set to work building beautiful, comfortable, and durable patio chairs.

Jenn starts by milling her scraps to width by slicing the grooved edges off the boards before cutting and assembling legs. Next, she uses longer boards to create a frame and an adjustable back. Finally, Jenn and her husband top the chairs off with chaise lounge cushions for a comfortable, finished look.

Last, we meet plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey back at the shop as he explains basement moisture control to Kevin. After discussing some of the most common causes of wet basements and their consequences, Richard shows Kevin some methods for controlling them. Richard then explains how dehumidifiers work and how they may be the best option.

Quick Tip for Spacing Balusters Evenly

General contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O’Connor a quick, simple trick for spacing balusters evenly, and it doesn’t even require math.

Where to find it?

Tom used a length of fabric elastic to measure out the railing and placed a dot every 4 inches across the band. He then stretched the band across the length of the railing, starting at the front of the first post and ending about a couple of inches into the end post to account for the thickness of the baluster. He then places the balusters to the left of each marked dot on the elastic, which are now equally distanced all the way across.

Fabric elastic can be found at local fabric stores.

Tool Lab | Drilling Into Studs for Electrical Wiring

Master electrician Heath Eastman explains how pros drill through studs for running wires through wood-framed walls.

How to Build Outdoor Deck Chairs

As House One editor Jenn Largesse’s backyard renovation project nears an end, she shows us (and her husband) what to do with that leftover pile of decking.

Easy Solutions for a Damp Basement

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey teaches Kevin O’Connor what he needs to know about handling wet basements.

Original Air Date: July 21, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 37 23:42