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S20 E15, 20th Anniversary

S20 E15: Celebrating 20 Years

The entire cast reflects on the 20th anniversary of Ask This Old House. They discuss how the show was created and what they think the legacy of the television program will be moving forward.

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ask This Old House

Don’t miss a special 20th-anniversary episode of Ask This Old House, premiering on PBS and The Roku Channel this week.

Looking Back on 20 Years of Ask This Old House

From big cities to small towns, Ask This Old House has made house calls in all 50 states since it premiered in 2002. Look back on some of our favorite moments from the last two decades.

S20 E14, Mauro Henrique teaches Kevin O’Connor about plaster

S20 E14: Patch Plaster, Sinking Drywell

In this episode, Heath explains why finish electrical work is his favorite stage of the job; Mauro demonstrates how to repair a crack in plaster; Mark raises a drywell in a driveway that is sinking below grade.

S20 E13, Tom Silva explains how to identify wood rot to Kevin O’Connor

S20 E13: Rot Repair, Heat Pumps

Watch as Mark shares the story of how he became a mason; Tom explains why wood rots on houses, how to prevent it, and how to repair it if it occurs; Ross explores heat pump technology.

S20 E14, Heath Eastman

Why Heath Loves Electrical Finish Work

Master electrician Heath Eastman explains which phase of an electrical project he loves the most.

S20 E13, Mark McCullough tells how he became a mason

How Mark McCullough Became a Mason

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough tells us the story of how he got started in the trade he loves.

S20 E12, Richard Trethewey repairs a tub drain

S20 E12: WiFi Extension, Tub Drain

In Tool Lab, Nathan explains the different table saw blade types; Ross extends WiFi service in a house; Richard replaces a faulty tub drain; the team shares their New Years’ Resolutions.

S20 E11, Tom Silva builds Christmas ornaments

S20 E11: Holiday Projects

In this episode, Jenn explains how to identify and care for holly plants; Richard explains how dishwashers work and how to troubleshoot them when they don’t drain properly; Tom and Kevin turn Christmas ornaments.

S20 E10, Tom Silva helps set up a kids’ workshop

S20 E10: Camilla’s Workshop

Watch as Tom Silva works with a young woodworker to set up a kids’ workshop in her father’s garage. He helps her build a workbench, set it up with tools and handy storage, and then build a birdhouse.