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S21 E8, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor build a Little Free Library for an elementary school

S21 E8: Little Free Library

Kevin and Tom build a Little Free Library for an elementary school; Tom recruits his daughter, Kate, to paint it; Tom and Kevin then install the library with some help from the students.

S21 E7, Richard Trethewey replaces a tank water heater

S21 E7: Paint Tile, Water Tank Replacement

In this episode, Richard Trethewey replaces a hot water tank, and Heath Eastman shares safety tips for hanging electric holiday decorations. Later, Tom Silva explains how to repair woodpecker damage. Finally, Mauro Henrique helps a homeowner paint bathroom tile.

S21 E6, Mark McCullough repairs sandstone steps

S21 E6: Sandstone Repair, Awning Install

In this episode, Mark McCullough travels to Dallas, Texas, to repair sandstone steps. Then, Ross Trethewey explains how to pick a solar plan without being scammed by the company. Finally, Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner install an awning.

S21 E5, Kevin O’Connor learns about restoring historic wallpaper

S21 E5: Wallpaper Restore, Gutter Repairs

Watch as Kevin learns about what goes into restoring historic wallpaper. Then, Heath explains GFCI receptacles, and Tom helps a homeowner repair and repitch their gutters.

S21 E4, Jenn Nawada plants a woodland garden

S21 E4: Woodland Garden, Chimney Repairs

Jenn plants a native woodland garden; Mauro shows how to patch cracked or chipped porcelain; Mark explains common chimney problems and then shows how to repair a chimney step by step.

S21 E3, Mark McCullough replaces driveway edging

S21 E3: Doorbell Retrofit, Driveway Edging

In this episode, Heath installs a doorbell with new wiring, Richard explains bottle traps, and Mark replaces a homeowner’s brick driveway edging with cobblestones.

S21 E2, Heath Eastman explains EV chargers to Kevin O’Connor

S21 E2: EV Chargers, China Cabinet Repair

Watch as Heath explains the different levels of EV chargers and their benefits. Mark shows different brick patterns, and Nathan repairs a cracked china cabinet with MDF. Then, Mauro repaints it.

S21 E1, Jenn Nawada and Nathan Gilbert in an elementary school classroom

S21 E1: Water Heater Autopsy, Composting

The Ask This Old House team talks about why they enjoy working together; Richard cuts open a failed water heater, and Jenn shares her love of educating kids about the outdoors. Then, she and Nathan build a compost bin.

S21 E1, the Ask TOH experts

Why the Ask This Old House Team Love Each Other

Operating more like a family than a TV cast, the cast of Ask This Old House tells us what they really think of each other (and their answers are heartwarming).

S20 E39, Mark McCullough repairs an outdoor pizza oven

S20 E39: Pizza Oven Repair, What Is It?

Nathan explains the anatomy of track saws; Mark repoints an outdoor pizza oven; The Ask This Old House team comes together for a 20th Anniversary "What Is It?"