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S20 E15: Celebrating 20 Years

The entire cast reflects on how the show was made, what they’ve accomplished, and what they think the legacy of the television program will be moving forward

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In this episode:

It’s been 20 years since the first episode of Ask This Old House aired, and the team reflects on the past two decades together. This episode covers it all, from looking at how some of the team members started on the show to insight into working with Tom Silva.

First, we meet host Kevin O’Connor, plumbing & heating expert Richard Tretheway, and general contractor Tom Silva in the shop to discuss the show’s origins. At the time, it seemed like a wild idea to split from the This Old House format of big projects to doing house calls and focusing on more minor subjects. But, everyone agrees that the teaching, learning, and inspiration as it traveled all 50 states was worth it.

Then, the team discusses their love for house calls. With so many homeowners suffering through a particular aspect of their home or yard, everyone on the Ask This Old House team enjoys the opportunity to show up and make a difference. Whether it be Tom Silva sorting a flight of basement steps for a tall homeowner, Richard Tretheway helping a homeowner replace rusty boiler pipes, or Roger Cook showing a homeowner how to pressure wash their walkway, the team loves the opportunity to teach while also making a difference. The big hugs and warm thanks they receive at the end of their jobs don’t hurt, either.

The team also looks back on the personalities that make the show so informative and fun. Kevin faced some hazing when he first signed onto the show. Tom’s a wealth of knowledge in all things construction-related, and he can’t say no to anyone in need of help but loves to take a jab at Kevin when he can. Richard’s reliability and passion for teaching homeowners how the mechanicals in their home function embodies the show’s mission. Don’t forget Roger’s ability to call out any plant’s Latin name and help homeowners solve their landscaping issues.

And the past 20 years paved the way for the next generation. Landscaping expert Jenn Nawada took the torch from Roger, while electrician Heath Eastman carries the love of the electrical trade on every house call. Mason Mark McCullough is an authority on everything masonry, while Ross Tretheway is doing a fine job continuing the Tretheway legacy. The latest addition to the show, carpenter Nathan Gilbert, perfectly fits the crew. At the same time, expert painter Mauro Henrique’s fun approach to painting and teaching keeps every one of his segments interesting.

The team has been all over the country, answering house calls in all 50 states. They’ve made repairs in homes in small towns, helped with projects in big cities, and even filmed special segments with celebrities in Times Square. The team has also answered the call by traveling to disaster areas to lend a hand when and how they could.

The team is more of a family than a crew of co-workers through it all. They share laughs, attend family parties and weddings, and genuinely care about one another. And, they’re all looking forward to another fantastic 20 years.

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2022, Season 20; Ep. 15 23:42