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S20 E9: Drill Drivers, Patio Expansion

In this episode, Nathan explains the options for drill drivers, and Heath describes when and how to use a voltage tester. Then, Mauro shows how to hold a paintbrush, and Mark helps a homeowner extend her existing patio.

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In this episode:

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert takes us to the Tool Lab to discuss power drill drivers. After discussing early drills and their shortcomings, Nathan explains that dozens of manufacturers have produced drill drivers loaded with batteries and options. He describes different types of drill drivers, including light, medium, and heavy-duty options. Nathan even breaks down the configurations that drill drivers come in, as well as their price ranges. Finally, he goes over the anatomy of a drill driver, explaining the different parts that are standard on most modern models.

Next, host Kevin O’Connor meets master electrician Heath Eastman at the shop to discuss the different types of voltages testers and their uses. Heath has four types of testers to show Kevin, including a non-contact pen tester, a full-size multimeter, a miniature multimeter, and a plug-in tester. Heath explains how each tester works, which scenarios they’re best for, and how he uses them in his work line. After discovering that one of the outlets they’re testing is wired backward, Heath shows Kevin how the meter alerted them to a potentially dangerous situation.

Then, Kevin meets expert painter Mauro Henrique to discuss painting techniques. Mauro shows Kevin how a professional painter holds a paintbrush before explaining how to load the brush with the proper amount of paint, using two fingers for a reference. Then, Mauro loads the brush with paint and shows Kevin how to paint a piece of baseboard properly. After purposely dabbing the wall with paint, Mauro shows Kevin how to wipe it up before discussing the merits of painter’s tape.

Finally, mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner expand her patio to create a more spacious backyard hangout space. After discussing their options, Mark and the homeowner agree that leaving the existing patio intact and building onto it is the best move. Then, Mark shows the homeowner the granite pavers he plans to use and a design to expand the patio and provide a modern touch.

The two get started by measuring and laying out the new patio space with marking paint. After calling the utility company to ensure they can dig safely, Mark climbs in an excavator and removes all the topsoil from the area. Next, Mark and the homeowner clean up the edges with shovels. After adding crusher run stone and compacting it, Mark shows the homeowner how to add and level stone dust for a solid paver foundation.

With the prep work out of the way, Mark and the homeowner begin laying granite patio pavers according to Mark’s map. Using scrap wood for spacers, they lay stones, maintaining a perfect 4-inch space between each stone. Once finished, Mark shows the homeowner how to fill the gaps between the stones with artificial grass for a clean, low-maintenance look.

Tool Lab | Drill Drivers

Expert carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains everything you need to know about drill drivers, from their history to modern features.

Where to find it?

Nathan shows the first DIY drill made by Black and Decker. He uses the DeWalt DCF682N1 8-Volt MAX Cordless 1/4 in. Hex Gyroscopic Screwdriver to illustrate “light duty” drill drivers. Then Nathan switches to “medium-duty” drill drivers, shown with the Milwaukee 2407-20 M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8 in. Drill/Driver.

Then he moves to the Ridgid R86115B 18V Brushless 1/2” Hammer Drill to show “Heavy-duty” capacity. Other drill drivers shown include:

How To Use a Voltage Tester

Host Kevin O’Connor and master electrician Heath Eastman discuss the different uses for voltage testers and test some of Heath’s favorite models.

How to Paint Like a Pro

Expert painter Mauro Henrique shows host Kevin O’Connor the tips and tricks to painting like a pro.

Where to find it?

Mauro demonstrated cutting techniques using a Picasso 2-½” angle cut brush, which is manufactured by Proform Technologies, and a Wooster 3” flat brush. These brushes, among others, can be found at most home centers and paint supply stores. The paint Mauro used on the trim was Ultra Pure White—which Behr manufactures.

How to Extend a Patio

Master mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner expand her concrete patio area while creating a modern look.

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2021, Season 20; Ep. 9 23:42

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