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How to Extend a Patio

If you’re looking to extend an outdoor patio but don’t know where to start, watch as mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner expand her concrete patio area while creating a modern look.

Mark McCullough helps a homeowner expand her patio to create a more spacious backyard hangout space. After discussing their options, Mark and the homeowner agree that leaving the existing patio intact and building onto it is the best move.

Then, Mark shows the homeowner the granite pavers he plans to use, as well as a design that will not only expand the patio but also provide a modern touch.

Expanding an Existing Patio

  1. Start by planning out the design on grid paper. Measure each of the patio pavers you purchased and figure out a way to lay them out alongside the existing patio, and create even spaces between the pavers. Plan to use the larger pavers for tables and chairs.
  2. Measure the desired distance out from the patio and use the marking paint to outline the new patio.
  3. Before digging, call the local utility locator to ensure you’re not going to disturb any underground utilities.
  4. Use the excavator to dig within the marked area and remove all of the topsoil.
  5. Clean up the corners and edges of the dug-out area with the shovels to make sure they’re square.
  6. Pour crusher run into the patio cut-out and spread it with the metal rake. Continue adding the crusher run until it reaches roughly 6 inches in thickness. Tamp the area or use a compactor to pack it down. Take care to ensure the base is level.
  7. Lay two pipes that are equal in diameter on top of the crusher run to represent the thickness of the stone dust. Pour the stone dust into the patio area and spread it around with the rake. Be careful not to disturb the pipes. Lay a 2x4 across both pipes and shimmy it back and forth to level the stone dust. Fill in any low areas.
  8. Following the plan you created on grid paper, lay the patio pavers in place. Use small pieces of 2x4s to create even gaps between the stones. Tap the pavers with the mallet to adjust their alignment and seat them in place.
  9. Precut strips of synthetic grass to fit between the patio pavers. Stake them in place with landscaping spikes.

Shopping list


Note: If you have a lot of earth to move, consider renting an excavator from Home Depot.