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Pestie Review (2024)

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Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 04/19/2024

A pest infestation can be stressful, especially when you have to wait for treatment to be completed. If you’d prefer to take pest control into your own hands, you can try Pestie, a DIY (do-it-yourself) subscription service that sends long-lasting products you can apply yourself.

To test how well Pestie stacks up to the best pest control services, we analyzed dozens of pest control providers, products, and services. This review breaks down Pestie’s plans, products, costs, and customer experiences.

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Pestie Pros and Cons

As with any pest control service, Pestie has both benefits and drawbacks.

Has nationwide availability
Offers routine treatment products that work on 100+ types of bugs
Provides everything needed for application with your shipment, such as a sprayer
Doesn’t offer additional services, such as lawn treatment or animal control
Doesn’t offer treatments for termites or bed bugs

Pestie Plans and Services

You sign up for Pestie by providing details about your bug problem and local climate. Afterward, the company creates a custom service package including professional-grade pest control products. You can opt for a single purchase, pay for treatment products four times a year, or invest in a discounted annual subscription. Pestie ships each treatment in accordance with pest patterns. You receive a starter kit, a booster shipment, a winter prep shipment, and a pre-hatch shipment before the most active insect season starts in spring.

Pestie says its treatment products combat more than 100 bugs, including common pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, crickets, silverfish, scorpions, beetles, earwigs, and mites.

Pestie Products

Pestie’s boxes include pro-grade pesticide concentrate tailored to your location, a mixing bag, protective gloves, and step-by-step instructions for application and safe disposal. Each treatment is designed to get rid of infestations quickly with long-term release that keeps pests away. The first shipment includes a reusable electronic sprayer.

Pestie says that all of its products can be used safely around kids and pets. The products are plant-based and use a micro-encapsulated formula designed to withstand rain. They can be sprayed on plants, trees, bushes, and grass but should not be applied to fruits or vegetables.

Pestie Guarantee

Pestie has a bug-free guarantee. The company will work with you to resolve any issues between treatments. Pestie provides a full refund if it can’t find a pest control solution.

Pestie Locations

Pestie is based in Lehi, Utah, but it’s available for shipping in all 50 states.

Pestie Pricing

Pestie charges $49 for a one-time application. Those who select an annual subscription or pay at the time of each application receive a discounted rate. We received a quote from Pestie of $29 per application for an annual subscription, totaling $116 up-front. Paying for each application for a year costs $34 per application (this option automatically renews after a year).

Learn more about the cost of pest control in our in-depth article.

What To Expect with Pestie

Pestie has a more straightforward process than other pest control providers. You receive a quote after providing the following information:

  • Your home’s location 
  • Common bugs found in your home 
  • Your desired payment option 

Pestie then creates a package and plan based on this information. The company immediately ships your starter kit when you sign up. 

Pestie provides routine pest treatment for typical bugs. It doesn’t combat challenging infestations such as termites or bed bugs. The company also doesn’t offer animal and wildlife control, rodent removal, attic or crawl space inspection and treatment, or lawn and garden care.

Pestie Reviews

Pestie doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, but it does have a profile on Best Company. Currently, the company holds a highly favorable score of 8.1 out of 10.* Many reviews praise Pestie’s easy-to-use sprayer kit and affordable service model. The few negative reviews mention damaged products and ineffective treatment.

Read what Pestie customers had to say about their experiences below. 

Two rating factors: economical and ease of application. Most people are skeptical [of] any new concept especially those marketed on social media, and I was too. We are moving into our 3rd application and everything is as stated in the advertisement.” – John Kubala

We had a sudden cockroach infestation around our back patio area, with a few making their way to the side of the house and garage. … Ordered Pe[s]tie and chatted on Facebook asking if there was a way to expedite the order. They got it out [the] same day. Within 48 hours most of the activity was gone and within a couple [of] weeks no roaches were seen and they have not returned. Thanks for the great customer service and for making a great, easy to use and affordable product.” – Christopher Bowe

Did not work at all for me. Maybe it works in other parts of the country but does not work in Washington state at all. Update [their] money back guarantee … for unused portion[s]. They did refund me [$]67.” – Paul Deanne

The first shipment, the pesticide was leaking in the box so not a full treatment. The second one came intact, the sprayer is not very strong and the gloves are a joke. I am hopeful that it works.” – Nichols

*Best Company information is accurate as of April 2023. 

Our Conclusion

Pestie provides an excellent DIY alternative to typical pest control services. The company offers an affordable, tailored treatment plan for common bugs such as ants and cockroaches. It may be an excellent solution for homeowners who need to treat minor ant problems or ticks here and there.

However, you may want to consider a professional pest control service or exterminator if you’re experiencing a more challenging infestation, such as bed bugs or termites. We recommend Terminix due to its long history in the pest control industry, expansive customer support network, and customizable treatment plans, including termite and bed bug treatments.

Those who need emergency services should consider Orkin. The company has a vast network of pest control technicians who may be able to provide same-day service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pestie

Can I use Pestie inside my house?

Yes, you can use Pestie inside your house. Though the company encourages customers to create an outdoor barrier around the perimeter of their home, it also advertises using its products indoors. Check with Pestie to see which of its products you can use inside and how to use them.

How much area does Pestie cover?

Pestie’s treatments typically cover up to 5,000 square feet. If you have a larger area to treat, the company will help create a custom plan.

What is the fastest way to get rid of roaches in your house?

The fastest way to get rid of roaches is by setting out glue traps or other bait stations.

Our Rating Methodology

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