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Season 41 - Paradise Rebuilds Episodes


S41 E16: Paradise Strong

Paradise residents discuss their determination to rebuild. Tom inspects engineered siding and fire-rated sheathing, and Richard looks at a solar backup battery. The former Paradise fire chief discusses advanced preparation with Kevin, and at the Hope Plaza Memorial ground-breaking, the heroes and survivors are honored. Then, Luke and Crystal celebrate moving in.


S41 E15: No Pain No Gain

Luke and Crystal are moving into their home. Kevin visits a fire test lab, and Jose and Anna’s house gets roof shingles. Mark installs a stone veneer at Avonlea and Joey’s house. Then, Kevin tours farms around Paradise, and Jenn meets an architect who designed a town memorial.


S41 E14: Out of the Ashes

Richard learns about automatic sprinkler systems. Kevin sees a simulator that shows how the Camp Fire spread. Tom inspects a vent designed to resist embers. Another project gets the green light.


S41 E13: Paradise Lost

A year after California’s worst wildfire, the people of Paradise are still clearing the devastation where about 90% of homes were lost. Kevin, Tom, and Richard meet three families determined to rebuild according to the wildland urban interface codes.

A house in Paradise, California being built.

Rebuilding Paradise | Four-Episode Special Airs Starting Jan. 30

Families rebuild their homes and lives. Rebuilding Paradise, the four-episode special, now premiering on PBS.