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S41 E15: No Pain No Gain

Luke and Crystal are moving into their home. Kevin visits a fire test lab, and Jose and Anna’s house gets roof shingles. Mark installs a stone veneer at Avonlea and Joey’s house. Then, Kevin tours farms around Paradise, and Jenn meets an architect who designed a town memorial.

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In this episode:

The construction crews are finally done, and Luke and Crystal can finally move in after nearly a year after their home burned down. Kevin finds them tackling a few last-minute punch list items and figuring out where to set their brand-new furniture that was just delivered.

Studies show that 90% of homes lost to wildfires catch fire from flying embers and not the heat of the fire. Kevin travels to a test lab in South Carolina that helps find safer materials and techniques for combating embers.

Back in Paradise, work continues on Jose and Anna’s house. Tommy meets with builder Ken Blanton and his roofer Mark, as they roof the house with fireproof asphalt shingles. Mark McCullough arrives in Paradise to help Joey install stone veneer around columns on the front porch. Joey has made a career out of stonework.

California is the largest producer of food in the United States. If the state were a country it would be the 5th largest supplier of food in the world. Paradise and the nearby Sacramento Valley are big contributors. Kevin takes a tour of the area to see what they grow.

In Paradise, 85 people died in the Camp Fire. The town plans to honor those who suffered through the tragedy with a memorial called Hope Plaza. Kevin and Jenn meet the landscape architect, Greg Melton, who designed the memorial and the townspeople who start the work of building it.

Original Air Date: February 16, 2020 Season 41; Ep.15 23:43

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Roof Shingles

Artwork and Art Shelves

Stone Veneer
Pacific Supply

Hope Plaza Landscape Architect
Melton Design Group

Veneer Stacked Stone
Eldorado Stone

Farm Tours
Noble Orchards
Sierra Nevada
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