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S41 E16: Paradise Strong

Paradise residents discuss their determination to rebuild. Tom inspects engineered siding and fire-rated sheathing, and Richard looks at a solar backup battery. The former Paradise fire chief discusses advanced preparation with Kevin, and at the Hope Plaza Memorial ground-breaking, the heroes and survivors are honored. Then, Luke and Crystal celebrate moving in.

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In this episode:

Kevin recaps the horrific day the Camp Fire spread through Paradise and hears from the residents who are determined to rebuild.

Tom visits Jose and Anna’s house, where builder Ken Blanton shows him engineered siding with a fire-rated sheathing, which combined meets the WUI building codes.

The failure of a power line was the apparent cause of the fire that destroyed Paradise. To prevent that from happening again the power company turns off the power to any community facing a high fire risk. Home generators are in short supply but Richard is at Joe and Avonlea’s house where new technology is solving the problem.

Evacuations in Paradise happened with very little notice. Experts recommend that homeowners prepare in advance for emergencies by packing a “Go Bag”. Jim Broshears, the former Fire Chief of Paradise shows Kevin what goes in his Go Bag.

It’s been a year since ashes covered the ground in this beautiful town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Today is a special day as the survivors follow the ritual of any great undertaking. They will cement their determination to rebuild with a ceremonial groundbreaking at a memorial site. Here they honor the hundreds who ran towards the flame to save others and to those they could not reach.

Luke and Crystal filed one of the first building permit applications after the fire. Family, neighbors, builders and other the homeowners come to visit and celebrate their move in day.

Original Air Date: February 23, 2020 Season 41; Ep.16 23:43

Products and Services from this episode:

LP SmartSide

Artwork and Art Shelves

General Contractor
Integrity Builders

Solar Contractor
Phoenix Solar Energy

Catering Company
Bacio Catering

Hope Plaza Landscape Architect
Melton Design Group

Fire Safety Resources
The Paradise Ridge Fire Safe Council