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S41 E14: Out of the Ashes

In this episode, Joe, the homeowner, fabricates a stone hearth, and Richard learns about automatic sprinkler systems. Then, Kevin sees a simulator that shows how the Camp Fire spread. Tom inspects a vent that’s designed to resist embers, and another project gets the green light.

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In this episode:

Avonlea and Joe’s house is one of the first rebuilds started in Paradise. They are starting to think about finishing touches. Instead of a fireplace, they’ve decided to go with a wood stove. Joe, who works with stone for a living, is fabricating a stone hearth in his shop.

Kevin gets a tour of the house from Avonlea before visiting Joe’s shop where the work happens. They return to the house with the hearth and lay it out in the corner.

Richard visits a house under construction where the sprinkler system is being installed. Rick Fox explains how the systems are designed according to code and shows the different types of sprinkler heads. Each head has an 8-foot spray diameter, and he installs them in all rooms except for small closets. Richard gears up in his raincoat and hat for a heat test to demonstrate how a sprinkler head is released.

One year after the Camp Fire that burned Paradise, California struggles with new wildfires. One tool the state uses to study these blazes is a simulator that recreates the spread of the fire on a table with a projected map. Garrett Sjolund points out to Kevin where the fire started in Pulga and how it spread through Paradise within a couple of hours.

In a wildfire, embers are the enemy of houses. A new ordinance in Paradise is designed to starve embers of fuel around houses. Jenn explains the codes, which are divided into two zones that dictate distance of trees and shrubs from flammable items. Then she meets landscaper Derek Onstein at Luke and Crystal’s house, who is spacing new shrubs and trees apart and keeping them away from the house. Instead of bark mulch he uses rock mulch up against the house. Even with the safety codes, the landscape will look great.

Vent expert Brandon Powers shows Tom how a fire and ember safe vent works versus a traditional vent by lighting a fire in a simulated attic. The fire safe vent closes off at a certain temperature to prevent embers and flames from coming into the attic. Contractor Bret Wayland installs them not only in the soffit, but also around the foundation of a new house before it gets a coat of stucco

Kevin arrives to the site of Jose and Anna’s home as the new foundation is being poured. Jose describes the old house that they were in for almost 15 years. The new house will have a more open kitchen concept, which they’ve planned with their builder. They’re enthusiastic to see it all get started.

Original Air Date: February 9, 2020 Season 41; Ep.14 23:43

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