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Crown molding

How to Cope a Joint for Crown Molding

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to cut tight-fitting inside corner joints

13 Easy Door Surround Profiles From Stock Molding

Mix and match off-the-shelf trim to create stylish door casings

Restorers Of Hope

A decorative-arts studio mends architecture and lives

Saving Old Trim

How to pry it off the wall in one piece

Crown Molding Forms

A simple angled piece of carved wood at the ceiling can turn a plain-box room into a finished masterpiece. Check out these crown molding designs, from the sleek to the multi-peaked

How to Install Crown Molding: Cut, Cope & Hang

From measuring to cutting to coping, discover how to easily install crown molding and add sculptural interest to your rooms.

Mending Miter Joints

Coax your baseboard's outside corners back into place with this simple trick

Splicing Molding

A single length of molding spanning a wall is best, but when you have to use a second piece, use this technique to hide the gap

Top 10 Repair Questions

Expert answers to the most frequently asked home maintenance questions

How to Put In Crown Molding

Tom Silva's step-by-step guide to putting up an ornamental ceiling border

Removing Baseboard

Get vinyl baseboard off the wall without ruining the surface

Cutting Trim for Square Casings

Make the right cut for out-of-square windows and doors