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This New Radiator

HVAC expert Richard Trethewey warms to the topic of the McCues' new European-style heating system in Manchester.

The Inglenook: A History of Hearth & Home

Manchester architect Stephen Holt explains the origins of this cozy little room within a room.

High-tech Craftsman

New software has helped custom cabinetmaker Tom Perkins improve the competitive edge of his small business.

Former Dormers Revived

Putting back these "little houses" wasn't a simple task, but it's had a transformative effect on the Manchester project.

A Pair of Homeowners Take Window Renovation Into Their Own Hands

No pane, no gain: restoring a set of beautiful old windows on the first floor, Janet McCue and friends have learned some satisfying new skills.

Taking the Long Way Home

A new driveway helps the Manchester house make a great first impression.

Making a Grand Entrance

Expert painter John Dee walks us through his restoration of the McCues' handsome front portico.

How to Make the Most of Your New Sound System

Acoustic designer John Storyk gives up the details on the McCues' new hi-fi living room.

Comfortable Construction: Temporary Heat in a Cold Climate

HVAC specialist Richard Trethewey explains how he used a portable heating system using a material called PEX to keep the This Old House team warm while working in Massachusetts.

Selecting a Cedar Shingle

Red or white? Re-shingling their house in Manchester, the McCues have ended up with the best of both colors.

Taking a Look at Aluminum-Clad Windows

The new windows look historic and will stand up well to a tough seaside climate.

A Newfangled Shingle

Despite a preference for the tried and true, our This Old House team has undertaken a promising experiment in roofing material for the Manchester house.

A Kitchen Collaboration

Kitchen designer Ted Goodnow shares useful tips on how to plan for your next kitchen renovation.

Steeling the Show

Tom Silva strikes again! Replacing a load-bearing wall with an invisible beam.

The Future of Oil Storage

The new leak-proof oil tanks going in at Manchester — a ground-breaking advance in storing oil.

The Manchester House

On New England's north shore, This Old House gives grand rebirth to a once-stately, uniquely American Shingle-style house by the sea.