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The 5 Best Floor Lamps (2023 Review)

Floor lamps don’t only provide your home with additional light—they can also contribute to its look. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best floor lamps on Amazon.

JOOFO Floor Lamp, LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, and Simple Designs Home Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp isolated on a white grid paper background with blue lines Courtesy Amazon

Floor lamps allow you to brighten up a room without having to use an overhead light. As opposed to table lamps that sit on side tables and produce a little light, floor lamps sit on the floor and are capable of lighting up a larger area. To help you find a lamp that fits within your home, read our review below on the five best floor lamps on Amazon.

Top 5 Floor Lamps

Compare Top Floor Lamps

Product # of Lamp Heads Bulbs Included Multiple Switches Weight Dimensions
Product # of Lamp Heads Bulbs Included Multiple Switches Weight Dimensions
JOOFO Floor Lamp 1 Not listed Yes 9.8 pounds ‎4.3 x 12.2 x 32.7 inches
LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp 1 No No 6.3 pounds 19 x 19 x 61 inches
Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp 1 Yes No 11.8 pounds ‎10.3 x 10.3 x 63 inches
Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp 2 No Yes 9.4 pounds ‎4 x 6 x 71 inches
FOLKSMATE Multi-Head LED Floor Lamp 5 No Yes 11.4 pounds ‎22 x 22 x 63.4 inches

Best for Your Eyes: JOOFO Floor Lamp

Circular JOOFO floor lamp with remote control

JOOFO Floor Lamp with Remote

  • $90

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This floor lamp’s LED light points upward, which helps prevent the light from hurting your eyes. In addition to three color settings, this lamp can also be set between 5% and 100% brightness with the click of a button on the included remote control.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Is constructed with a weighted base for enhanced stability
✔ Is made of acrylic materials that won’t get hot to the touch
✔ Has a slim design for small spaces

✘ The lamp head can’t bend more than 90 degrees
✘ Has some customer reviews claiming that the bulbs burned out quickly

What Customers Are Saying

Most customers found this lamp to be easy to assemble with clear instructions to aid in putting it together and individually wrapped pieces to prevent damage during shipping. However, some customers claimed that its thin body made it more unstable than competing options.

Most Modern: LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

LEPOWER wooden tripod floor lamp with circular lampshade

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

  • $90

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This floor lamp from LEPOWER matches modern rooms with its wooden tripod legs and fabric lampshade. The lamp’s shade is made from high-quality flaxen material, while the tripod-style legs are composed of natural rubber wood. You can also switch the lamp on/off on your floor.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Includes a floor on/off switch that controls the light with a single step
✔ The tripod-style base makes it more stable
✔ The fabric shade naturally dims the brightness of the bulb, providing a softer light

✘ Doesn’t have a dimming function
✘ Requires more assembly than most competing lamps

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers said that this modern floor lamp had high-quality fasteners, which contributed to the stability of the lamp’s base. Customers who weren’t satisfied with this lamp complained that the electrical cable included with the lamp was unattractive, which went against the elegant design of the lamp.

Best Storage: Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech LED shelf floor lamp with succulent, books, and other accessories

Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

  • $72

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This floor lamp from Brightech has three built-in shelves located below its lampshade, allowing you to store books, knick-knacks, and other items. With its slim design and storage shelves, this floor lamp is ideal for smaller living spaces where space is limited. 

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Comes with a three-year warranty
✔ Available in multiple colors
✔ Includes an LED lightbulb with your purchase

✘ The base isn’t height-adjustable
✘ Has pricing that varies by color

What Customers Are Saying

From Zen-themed offices to bohemian living rooms, Amazon reviewers found that the look of this lamp allowed it to blend seamlessly with a variety of aesthetics, serving as a functional piece of home decor. However, some customers complained that the lamp didn’t give off a lot of light, making it unsuitable for rooms where bright light was needed.

Best Dual Lighting: Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp

Simple Designs floor lamp with daughter lamp head facing downward

Simple Designs Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp

  • $50

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This floor lamp from Simpel Designs looks like a tree with a light pointing toward the ceiling and a lower branch pointing downward. Its ceiling-facing light provides ambient lighting to the whole room, while the branch provides task lighting.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Is sold at an affordable price
✔ Has a three-way switch that allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp
✔ Includes a one-year limited warranty

✘ Has a higher wattage than other options on this list, increasing its power consumption
✘ Has plastic shades instead of more high-quality fabric or glass shades

What Customers Are Saying

Customers complimented this lamp’s durability. While some reviewers said that its design was a bit uninspired, most customers found the lamp to be a solid and affordable option for any room. However, some customers had issues with assembling this lamp, claiming that the product’s pieces didn’t fit together.

Best Lighting Angle: FOLKSMATE Multi-Head LED Floor Lamp

Two FOLKSMATE multi-head LED floor lamps with regular shades and multi-color shades

FOLKSMATE Multi-Head LED Floor Lamp

  • $60

Prices taken at time of publishing.

With five individual lamp heads that have 360-degree adjustable gooseneck arms, users can orient each lamp head to direct the light exactly where they want it. Conveniently, the lamps can be controlled individually or turned off and on using a floor switch.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ The lights can be operated independently
✔ Comes with two sets of lampshades
✔ Has a sturdy, circular metal base

✘ Not as modern or stylish as other floor lamps in this review
✘ The necessary 25-watt lightbulbs aren’t included

What Customers Are Saying

Positively, users valued this floor lamp’s five heads to direct light at any angle of their choosing. Additionally, they said that the colored lampshades looked good in their home. Critically, users stated that the floor lamp was shorter than they expected, and some users had issues with the floor switch after several months.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a floor lamp comes down to personal preference. However, this buying guide goes over a handful of factors that could help you narrow down your options.


There are four main types of floor lamps: classic, arch, tree, and torchiere.

  • Classic: Classic floor lamps usually have a single skinny pole with a lampshade. They look similar to table lamps.
  • Arch: This type of lamp is adjustable, allowing you to bend the light toward you or away from you, depending on how much light you need.
  • Tree: This lamp looks like a tree. It has several branches with a light on each end.
  • Torchiere: Torchiere lamps have a bowl-shaped shade that focuses the light toward the ceiling.


When purchasing a lamp, ask yourself what would match the furniture, area rug, and wall decor of your space, and use that to influence your buying decision.


A taller floor lamp lights up a larger area, while a shorter floor lamp offers more concentrated light.


A shade controls the direction and amount of light from the lamp’s bulb. You can decide on the type of shade you want, if any, based on whether you want the light to be concentrated up, down, or sideways.


The color of the light is primarily determined by the lightbulb you use, which can range from warm to cool white depending on the number of Kelvins (K). LED bulbs are a good option. Otherwise, the color of the lampshade may have an affect. Some floor lamps only come with standard white lampshades, while others are multi-colored.


Standard floor lamps are turned on and off using a rotary knob, pull chain, or foot switch. Rotary knobs are turned left or right, pull chains are pulled downward, and foot switches are stepped on. A few floor lamps are also controlled by touching the body or using a remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the shade on my floor lamp?

Yes. You can switch the shade on your lamp if the current one gets damaged or you want to change its style. This prevents you from having to spend more money on a new lamp.

What is the best floor lamp for reading?

Floor lamps with task lighting, which illuminate a specific area, are the best for reading. Table lamps typically only light the table they’re on and a little of the surrounding area, which means you’ll have to lean in while reading.

Where should I place my floor lamp?

This depends on what type of lamp you choose and how much space you have in your living room. However, most floor lamps work best next to a couch or behind an accent chair.

What type of floor lamp is the brightest?

The brightest floor lamps are ones that provide ambient lighting to illuminate an entire room. Floor lamps that use three-way lightbulbs may also be some of the brightest lighting options for your needs if you use them in the brightest setting.

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