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How to install a plunge pool

  1. This is a custom and professional job that will require working with a pool manufacturer and an excavator.
  2. Order the pool with the desired dimensions, type of tiles, and seat placement. It can take up to a month for the order to be fulfilled and delivered.
  3. An excavator should come and dig the hole for the pool, just slightly longer and wider than the actual dimensions of the pool.
  4. The excavator should also pour about 18” of crushed stone into the hole and compact everything.
  5. When the hole is prepped, a truck will deliver the pool and crane it into place.
  6. Once the pool is in place, the pool equipment will need to be put into place and plumbed in.
  7. The landscaping and hardscaping around the pool can then be completed to give the plunge pool a nice, finished look.


Jenn installed a custom plunge pool manufactured by Soake Pools. The company sources all the materials required for the pool, including the pool equipment.

Expert assistance with this segment was provided by Phoenix Precast Products.