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Blending Wood and Tile in an Open Plan

Spaces like the one above (by SuzAnn Kletzien) inspired renovator Melissa McCreight to go for the no-thresholds look in her Euclid, Ohio, house.

We asked Melissa how she meshed tile and hardwood. Here is what she recommends:

Level the subfloor first

Melissa’s tile contractor accommodated areas where relatively thin tile met relatively thick floorboards by using cement board and thinset to build up the area under the tile.

<p>Melissa McCreight</p>

Melissa McCreight

Choose an out-of-the-box shape

Ten-inch hex tile has a more interesting silhouette than 90-degree rectangles and squares, and its exaggerated size gives the irregular border an intentional look. Keeping tiles whole plays up the free-flowing transition to wood. After laying out her tile pattern on the floor, Melissa snapped a photo for her installer to follow. As the tiles went in, floorboards were cut to fit around them.

Match the finish

Melissa opted for matte tile and a matte floor finish to help unify dissimilar materials.