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Why Jenn Nawada Loves Teaching Kids

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada explains her passion for watching kids discover the outdoors.

Ask This Old House Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada explains why she enjoys teaching children. With a background as a camp counselor, an outdoor education instructor, and volunteering in youth centers, Jenn appreciates watching kids grow and learn. She enjoys teaching them that good things take time and that learning where things come from is a lesson in respect.

She’s Always Worked with Children

Jenn has always appreciated working with children. She’s worked in youth centers, summer camps, and even as an outdoor education teacher on a farm. She’s always appreciated giving kids the opportunity to discover things and figure things out for themselves.

Good Things Take Time

In today’s age of instant gratification, Jenn knows it’s important for kids to experience that good things take time. She knows that by learning where things come from or how to grow their own plants and food, kids are able to gain respect for the process and time.

Some Projects are Excellent for Teaching These Values

Jenn believes that composting is an excellent project for kids to participate in. By knowing they can turn their fruit peels and scraps into rich, nutritious soil for free, they’ll gain that appreciation for hard work and patience.

Kids Have a Plan

Jenn likes to let kids do things themselves at first. She feels they already have a plan in mind before a teacher comes in and instructs them, and she likes to foster that free and creative thinking, giving them the room to explore. She feels this mindset gives her a fresh perspective in her own life, as well.