Providing home security solutions to Canadian and American customers, Fluent offers flexible packages to meet your home automation and security needs. With each home security package, customers can add devices like outdoor camerasautomated thermostats, and door and window sensors to their plan.

Fluent home security systems are professionally installed and monitored, giving you peace of mind that your home security remains operational and alert. Read on to learn about Fluent home security packages and add-ons and determine if this is the best home security company for you.

Pros and Cons of Fluent Home Security

✔ Offers packages to customers in Canada and the United States
✔ Allows you to control your system from anywhere with the Fluent mobile app
✔ Provides customized non-alarm alerts

✘ Doesn’t provide online information on pricing and contract length
✘ Requires professional installation

Fluent Home Security Packages

Fluent offers four home security packages: Security, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package offers the same security devices and features, with each upgraded package providing access to additional automation devices. The Silver package includes one automation device, while the Gold includes two and Platinum includes three.

Here are the devices and services provided with each Fluent Home Security package:

Types of Fluent Security Equipment

While offering a baseline of devices and services in each package, Fluent provides additional automation and security devices that are available for purchase to supplement your selected plan.

Smart Home Security

These devices link to your Fluent Home Security system to protect your home’s entry points through technology like motion detection and sensors. Fluent smart home security offerings include:

  • Motion detector—Fluent’s motion detector is equipped with a 110-degree viewing angle and encrypted communication technology, also providing pet-sensitive motion detection technology to your system.
  • Door and window sensor—The door and window sensors monitor the entryways to your home, detecting when they open or close and triggering an alarm when the system is armed.
  • Smart touch control panel—This glass touchscreen control panel is the center of your system, connecting Z-wave compatible devices, providing cellular backup, and allowing two-way audio verification with your professional monitoring call center.
  • Key fob—With the keyfob, you can arm and disarm your system remotely within 500 feet of your home.
  • Glass break detector—The glass break detector uses dual shatter technology to sense broken glass within 15 feet of a window.

Smart Home Automation

These devices integrate existing devices into your smart home security system. Smart home devices offered through Fluent include:

  • Automated lamp module—The automated lamp module gives you remote access via the Fluent app to your existing lamp. Inside the app, you can turn your lamp on and off and access dimmer controls.
  • Automated garage door—This automated device gives you control over your garage door through the device and mobile app.
  • Automated thermostat—Manufactured by Honeywell, this smart device saves energy by adapting to your daily routine and adjusting the temperature as needed. The thermostat is controlled through the panel or remotely with the Fluent app.

Smart HD Video Monitoring

Fluent provides surveillance technology through its HD video products that monitor the inside and outside areas of your home. Available HD video monitoring devices include:

  • Doorbell video camera—Fluent’s doorbell camera provides HD 1080p quality video with two-way communication and motion sensing technology. The camera is controlled remotely through the Fluent app.
  • 1TB SVR package—This video surveillance package includes two outdoor cameras and a one terabyte hard drive. The cameras record in 1080p and send real-time notifications to the Fluent app.
  • Outdoor camera—The waterproof outdoor camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to your fluent app and provides you with real-time notifications.
  • Indoor camera—The indoor camera wirelessly connects to your system and provides two-way communication and night-vision technology. The camera can be placed on a desk or mounted on a wall.

Life and Property Devices

To keep your home safe from natural disasters, Fluent Home Security offers safety devices to monitor your home’s air quality and plumbing systems. Life and property devices include:

  • Smoke and heat detector—With a built-in, 85 decibel alarm, this smoke and heat detector ensures you’re alerted to a potential fire within your home.
  • Carbon monoxide detector—This detector checks the air inside your home for the presence of carbon monoxide, sounding an 85 decibel alarm if carbon monoxide is detected.
  • Flood detector—One hundred percent wireless, the flood detector is placed next to your home’s major plumbing lines and alerts you to potential leaks.

Cost of Fluent Home Security

Fluent Home Security doesn’t provide information on the price of their systems online. Instead, Fluent requires you fill out an online form or call 1-855-985-0631 to receive a free quote. To give you an idea of an idea of how much a Fluent Home Security system costs, we received a quote for a single-family home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Our quote included coverage for 12 windows and two doors, which included glass breaking technology, one indoor camera, and fire and carbon monoxide protections. The system was priced at $55 per month for 60 months and included free installation and no set-up costs.

How Does Fluent Work?

Before calling a sales representative to receive pricing information, determine which home security devices you need. After deciding, contact a Fluent representative to receive your free quote. If you decide to purchase a home security system, Fluent will schedule your system to be professionally installed and connect your pre-selected package and any additional purchased devices.

Once your system is installed and ready to use, you’ll be able to receive notifications, control devices, and view recorded clips through your Fluent app while receiving professional monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fluent Customer Service

Fluent Home Security provides customer service through online messenger and over the phone Monday through Saturday from 7 am until 9 pm MST and on Sunday from 9 am until 6 pm MST. Additionally, Fluent provides support through the Fluent Home Help Center, where customers can view frequently asked questions and learn about their devices.

Warranties and Guarantees

Fluent fully covers your alarm system under its warranty for the first 90 days. After 90 days, Fluent protects its security equipment with a limited warranty and covers the cost of the replacement equipment while charging a travel fee rate for the service technician.

Fluent Home Security Reviews

Fluent Home Security is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a B+ rating. Like many home security companies, Fluent receives customer reviews detailing the customer’s experience with the company.

Here’s a sample of customer reviews from Fluent Home Security:

I received an email message that my credit card payment could not be processed. The issue involved a new expiration date. I contacted Fluent at the phone number in the email and talked to Michelle. She quickly got my expiration date corrected and handled the payment. All very quick, easy and efficient.” — Greg B.

“Had a bit of a long wait on hold, but once on, Amanda was able to resolve my issue quickly. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks!” — Tracey J.

Our Conclusion

Fluent Home Security provides customers with customizable security options to fit various home security needs. Although comprehensive and flexible, Fluent isn’t upfront with the cost of their services and equipment, requiring customers to reach out and receive a quote for pricing.

If you’re not sure if Fluent is right for you, compare it to other top-rated security providers in the industry like AbodeVivint, and ADT.

Compare Home Security Providers

Get a free quoteView PlansView PlansView Plans
Equipment prices$149.00–$1,249.00$599.00 and upBundled with contract
Monitoring prices (per month)$45.99$40.00 and up$29.00 and up
Contract requiredNoNo36 months
24/7 monitoringAvailableAvailableIncluded
Professional installationYesPricing by quote$99.00 and up
DIY installationNoNoNo
Mobile app accessYesYesYes
Motion detectionYesYesYes
Smart home compatibilityYesYesYes
Video surveillanceYesWith camera purchaseAvailable
Video streaming capabilityYesWith camera purchaseAvailable
BBB ratingA+D+A+

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