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which electric boiler for radiators?

Does anyone know which electric boilers are good quality? We are replacing an old (60 yr) fuel oil boiler with electric, as this is said to be more economical in our area. I am having trouble finding much consumer info on them. Also, how do you figure out how big a unit to get? The old boiler has no btu output info on it.

Re: which electric boiler for radiators?


Electric boilers are a specialized item that is usually reserved for industrial and commercial applications---the operational costs are usually prohibitively high in residential venues unless you happen to live in an area where the cost of electricity is less than .05 cents per kwh--even then, there has to be an off-peak arrangement with the local elec. co. to run the elec. boiler overnite (usually storing the hot water in a storage tank) to avoid daytime elec. rates, which are much higher--running an elec boiler uses as much elec as 5 elec clothes dryers running at the same time (5 kw each).

Check your oil boiler--there should be a name plate somewhere on the front to indicate the OUTPUT in btu/hour---say, 68,000 btu/hour.

If not, multiply the TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE of your building (including heated cellars and utility rooms) by a number between 30 and 60---if you have insulated exterior walls, 8' ceilings, storm windows, or double-pane glass on all windows, good attic insulation, etc.--multiply by 40 to get a ballpark figure of how many btu/hour you need to heat the house.

Thus if your house totals 2000 sq.ft.: it would be 2000 X 40 = 80,000 btu/hour to heat the house & the size boiler needed.

If you have no insulation in walls or attic & loose windows & in a very cold climate, multiply by 50.

Thus, 2000 X 50 = 100,000 btu/hour needed to heat the house & the size boiler needed.

Elec. boiler output is in kilowatts---1 kw = 3400 btu/hr---thus a 20 kw elec boiler = 68,000 btu/hr oil-fired boiler---a 30 kw elec. boiler = 102,000 btu/hr oil-fired boiler.

Several mfgrs of residential boilers are Slant-Fin Monitron EH, Electro Industries, and Sussman Electric boilers.

I would recommend you talk to someone at Slant-Fin in their technical dept. before making a decision because they are a top-rate residential boiler mfgr & sell everything---gas-fired, oil-fired, propane-fired, electric-fired boilers.

Click onto their "contact us" to send them an e-mail or call them at 1-800-873-4346 & ask for the technical staff dept.

Sussman is at 1-800-238-3535.

Click onto my name (Nashua Tech) to get my past posts & more info on oil-fired boilers---a new oil-fired boiler will usually cost you much less to operate than an electric.


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