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washer drain over flow

have a Kenmore washer and on the drain cycle for both wash and rinse cycle it puts out water so fast the drain pipe over flows. The drain has been snaked and is clear,it is the volume of water is to fast. I have put an air relief valve after the trap. If you wait for the drain cycle and stop the machine when the water reaches the top of the pipe you can hear the water drain out,start the machine up again and unless it is has been a large load there is no further problem There are time when you may have to stop/start the machine 2 or 3 times but that is some you really don't want to do every day. I have heard of the GVii anti flood value and wonder 1. does it really work and 2. where do you get this valve ( does it come in different sizes?) thanks for any help. Mike

Re: washer drain over flow

First of what type of machine is it ? the older top loading is normally handled with a 1 1/2 ptrap at floor level then a 1 1/2 riser of 24 to 36 inches.
The more modern machines front loading requires a 2 inch ptrap a a 1 1/2 or 2 inch riser with 24 to 36 .

MY question what type of machine and how long is the rise from the ptrap to the the connection for the machine.
I usually install a 30 inch riser and have never had any trouble except for one woman that washed and old bathroom rig that turned to rags and blocked the drain.


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