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Types of duct work

Hi I have a a new hot water heater that i want to install. The types of flue pipe to use are aluminum? galvanized? or stainless. I wanted to see about going right into the existing chimney chase to vent it. No pass thru any wall etc. What are the uses of these types of duct. THanks :confused:

Re: Types of duct work

The vents sold today are made from galvanized sheet metal.

I assume you have a gas water heater, and it has to be vented to the outside. Cap the vent w/water heater vent cap - it allows the gases out and blocks the rain from coming in.

Re: Types of duct work

B-vent pipes are galvanized. However, chimney liners are aluminum and stainless steel. You can use aluminium in most cases for a standard efficiency non-condensing gas appliance. However, I'd still use stainless steel for durability and longevity.

FOr what it will cost you to reline the chimney, you might consider going to a condensing tankless water heater and use PVC for the vent. I have a Navien in my home and installed it for that same reason. Rather than reline the chimney, I installed a water heater I could vent with PVC.... along with other benefits like the model's built-in recirculation pump and mini storage tank. Endless hot water isn't bad either.

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