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tuckpointing Tools

I was tuckpointing using a Bosch diamond masonry wheel which keep breaking so I hit the WEB for something better I came a cross a tool that attach's to an angle grinder: but it seem that all the sites I see are in the U.K. I can't find it in the U.S . The name of the attachment is call a Mortar Rake has anyone heard about this tool or know where can I find it.

This is one of the site Ifound. http://www.kingfisheruk.com/item.php?id=74

Re: tuckpointing Tools

I would check with your local batch cement plants, they usually carry masonary tools. OR you could try to Google it on the net.

Calcats ;)

Re: tuckpointing Tools

You can get the following tool.
Arbortech joint saw.
This tool will cut the mortar joints and no dust.
Also will plunge cut brick and leave square corners.
With the tool you can remove one brick with no problemand the brick will be reuseable.
Cost is high i pay $950.00 each but it is worth it.

Re: tuckpointing Tools

AAAARRG I am so fustrated. I've just spent over an hr with a detailed description and lots of tips etc, etc. The damn site automatically logged me out and I lost a full hrs worth of typing. Head butting wall...

Don't buy the mortar kit, they don't work unless your planning to rake out butter...

Re: tuckpointing Tools

I've done lots of tuckpointing on my 97 year old five story apartment building and 7 car garage. You can purchase a diamond tuckpointingg wheel that will go on any ordinary angle grinder. It will cost about $125 and will knock out the mortar in a hurry. Wear gloves, a mask and ear protection.

Re: tuckpointing Tools

Hi, please can you help! I'm searching for some kind of tool that'll easilly remove mortar from hard to reach areas, for example behind drain pipes, etc.

I was wondering if there is something like a tiny angle grinder, maybe the size of a battery *****ed toothbrush which I could attach say a 1-2" grinding wheel?

The closest tool to my needs I could find was the Merlin mini grinder but it's a chainsaw so I'm unsure if it'll be suitable for grinding out mortar, however it's possible to attach a tungsten carbide disc so maybe it would be suitable just for the hard to reach areas.

Can someone recommend a smaller or better tool than the Merlin mini grinder or could you share your experience if you've used the Merlin?

Thankyou! I look forward to Reading your replies. Touch wood!

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