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Temperature differance

There is a distinct temperature difference from my first floor to my second floor. I have fans blowing cool air up my stairs, I have the attic pull down door cracked with a fan in the steps blowing into the attic and I have a floor fan on the upstairs landing blowing towards the attic door. It’s still at least 10 degrees hotter.
Are there any suggestions to increase the cooling of my second floor? Would more insulation in the attic keep it cooler? There is a roof fan that kicks in at 90 degrees
I’m at a loss as to how to remedy this problem.

Re: Temperature differance

Insulating the attic will help a little. Make sure that the access to the attic is shut tight.

You didn't mention A/C. If you have central air, put it to work. Together with the fans, it should cool the second floor.

Re: Temperature differance

As dj1 say's you don't mention if you have A/C or not, post back and let us know

Re: Temperature differance

Yes there is central air. Downstairs is nice and cool. Up stairs as if there was no AC.
Vents are clear and flowing well. Still hot. Been this way since I moved in 34 years ago.

Re: Temperature differance

The length of the duct could have something to do with it as well as your returns.

When you have longer ductwork the supply temp won't be as cold as a supply that's closer to the air handler. I'm saying this with the assumption that your air handler or furnace with a coil is in your basement. If you don't have any returns on the second floor your just pumping cold air into a hot room and it won't cool properly. That's a place to start and sounds like it could be your problem since you say the air is flowing, check your supply temp at the supplies on the second floor as well as how many returns you have and there loc.

Re: Central A/C - Temperature differance

I have the same problem. My 2nd floor is basically the attic (Cape Code Style).
I closed the register vents in my finished basement and main 1st Floor to increase more cold air flow to the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor registers are wall mounted and the flow still seems weak when I put my hand out to feel it.
In my situation, it seems to have made the 2nd floor a little cooler, but there is still a temp difference: when the main floor is "very" comfortable (cool), the 2nd floor is OK, but my finished basement is quite cold. My A/C and air handler are in the basement and all 3 levels have large return air ducts so hot air on the 2nd floor is being drawn to the A/C coil.

I thought about other fixes: (1) more attic insulation and (2) attic vent fan at the gable (A frame) vent to pull out hot attic fan.

You already are pulling out hot attic air but may be missing a 2nd floor return to cool the warm air ?

Re: Temperature differance

There are two return air vents. A small one in the master bedroom, which is cool because I remover the vent cover and have a thermal curtain closed over the large window and the door is closed at all times. Room is kept dark.
The other is a vent in the main hallway landing, which is working well. I placed tissue paper over it to see if it is drawing, which it is.
I think I'll try more insulation in the attic as soon as I can find the bucks.

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