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strange kind of grass growing in my lawn

I used to have a decent looking lawn. It seems like now, no matter what I do with watering, fertilizer and weed, control I have these ugly brown areas. Under closer inspection, the grass itself is green with a brown husk (see pictures below). Any ideas? The brown areas are expanding.

Dave in Vermont

Re: strange kind of grass growing in my lawn

Looks like bluegrass to me;

this time of the year is the down cycle to blue grass growth; if your mower is set too low you will be seeing the non green part of the plant. A short burst of growth will appear in Sept and you may even see seeds. You may want to set your mower to two inches height, and just let the dormancy work its way out to Sept. At two inch height you will get a nice cut and still retain the green we all admire. hold off on fertilizing as over fertilizing this time of the year will burn grass as it is in dormant stage. resume in Sept.

Re: strange kind of grass growing in my lawn

Dave, this has been an ugly season in the Northeast. Too much rain in the spring, then hot, dry weather for long spells. We have similar patches. September is great for rebuilding a lawn, over-seeding, and fertilizing. Be sure to power rake the brown areas and apply some rich top soil before seeding in. Water for a week and you'll have the nice green return. You might try perennial ryegrass for over-seeding. KB is over-rated and is disease prone. It's not even U.S native; it came from England, so it often does not do well in this area.

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