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The 5 Best Hummingbird Feeders (2022 Review)

Few backyard visitors compare to the beauty and grace of hummingbirds. Investing in a quality feeder can help attract more of these to your garden. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best hummingbird feeders on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you and your home. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon. 

Hummingbird Feeder Courtesy Amazon

If you’re looking for a bird feeder to attract hummingbirds to your yard, the This Old House Reviews Team is here to help. We researched the best hummingbird feeders on Amazon and created a buyer’s guide to help you make an educated purchase. Here are our top picks.

Top 5 Hummingbird Feeders

Most Decorative Feeder: Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder

If you’re searching for a feeder that’s useful for both feeding hummingbirds and making a statement, be sure to consider this piece from Muse Garden. Offered in a range of colorful patterns, this glass-blown hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds to your yard with its four built-in ports.

Key Features

  • 6.38 by 6.38 by 8.27 inches
  • 25-ounce nectar capacity
  • Glass body
  • 1.41 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon customers said that this hummingbird feeder’s design made it easy to fill and prevented sugar water from leaking onto the ground. However, some customers warned that the sharp edges of this feeder’s flowers may cut the tongues of hummingbirds.

Best Rustic Design: More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder

If you prefer a more rustic look in your lawn, consider this vintage feeder from More Birds. This hummingbird feeder features a stained mason-jar-like body and five flower-shaped feeding ports to attract hummingbirds and add decor to your yard.

Key Features

  • 8 by 8 by 8.98 inches
  • 20-ounce nectar capacity
  • Glass body
  • 1.2 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Customers complimented the large glass nectar cavity of this feeder, saying that it attracted more birds than plastic models and stayed fuller for longer. However, some customers said that the bottom of the feeder was quick to break off.

Easiest To Fill: BOLITE Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This hummingbird feeder has a stained glass body with a leakproof base that contains its stored nectar. Unlike many feeders, this model has a two-part base that separates for easy filling and cleaning.

Key Features

  • 14.84 by 10.67 by 6.18 inches
  • 20-ounce nectar capacity
  • Glass body
  • 2.44 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers praised the quality of this feeder’s body, which was easy to assemble, take apart, and fill with nectar. Negative reviews said that the finish on the red version faded or washed off after a few uses.

Best Plastic Feeders: eWonLife Hummingbird Feeders

For homeowners who are looking to add multiple feeders to their yard, this two-pack offers an affordable option. Additionally, because these feeders are made of plastic instead of glass, they’re more resistant to inclement weather, dropping, and other potential damage.

Key Features

  • 9.4 by 1.2 by 7.7 inches each
  • 16-ounce nectar capacity each
  • Plastic body
  • 7.5 ounces each

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praised the strength of the suction cups on these feeders, which made them easy to attach to windows and other outdoor surfaces. However, some customers said that the quality of these feeders was poor, which prevented them from hanging properly and caused frequent spills.

Best Pest Protection: Perky-Pet Pinchwaist Hummingbird Feeder

This hummingbird feeder has a translucent glass bottle with a built-in ant moat and bee guards to shield its nectar from unwanted pests. The bright red color of its glass bottle also attracts hummingbirds, as they associate this color with the nectar of flowers.

Key Features

  • 7.05 by 7.05 by 8.1 inches
  • Eight-ounce nectar capacity
  • Glass body
  • 12.1 ounces

What Customers Are Saying

Customers complimented the design of this feeder, saying that they liked that it had multiple flowers because that allowed it to accommodate more than one hummingbird at a time. Most unsatisfied customers said that the wide mouth of the feeder led to regular leaks.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a hummingbird feeder, it’s important to understand how its design and specifications impact its user experience. Here are four factors to consider before making a purchase.


Hummingbird feeders are made with many materials, including glass and plastic. Glass hummingbird feeders are available in multiple colors, with some models being made of decorative hand-blown glass. While glass hummingbird feeders have a high-quality look, they’re more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Plastic hummingbird feeders are affordable alternatives to glass models that are still available in unique colors. While plastic hummingbird feeders are more affordable than glass models, they aren’t as durable or eco-friendly.

Feeding Ports

All feeders come with built-in ports that provide hummingbirds with a place to perch and draw in nectar. Each feeding port has enough room for one hummingbird. Most models come with four or five flower-shaped feeding ports that tell hummingbirds where to go to access nectar.


A hummingbird feeder’s capacity refers to how much nectar its storage container can hold. Hummingbird feeders with larger storage containers require less frequent refills. Most hummingbird feeders come with 20-ounce capacities, though large models, such as the Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder, can have capacities over 24 ounces.

Additional Features

Many hummingbird feeders have extra features. For example, the Perky-Pet Pinchwaist Hummingbird Feeder has a built-in guard that prevents ants and bees from entering its nectar container. Other feeders have large removable lids that make refills quick and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make hummingbird food?

According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, hummingbird nectar should be one part refined white sugar and four parts water. Before adding the food to your feeder, be sure to thoroughly mix the solution until the sugar is dissolved.

How often should I clean my hummingbird feeder?

Hummingbird feeders should be cleaned at least twice per week to prevent bacteria and mold growth that’s harmful to birds.

Where should I hang my hummingbird feeder?

Hummingbird feeders should be in a quiet and partially shaded area about 15 feet away from trees, shrubs, and other hiding areas. The feeder should be about six feet off of the ground to prevent pets and pests from accessing the food.

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