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I live in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. I love the house, but my next-door neighbor smokes a lot and I can smell the smoke in my house. Is there anything I can do to block the smoke from coming over? I have an air purifier and that helps a little, but the house is 3 stories so it can't cover the whole thing. I am a new homeowner, so I don't have tons of money to pour into this right now. Any advice or encouragement is welcome! Thanks!

Re: Smoke

I had a similar problem a few years ago. Instead of smoke it was curry. One day there was this horrible smell on the ground floor. We called the apartment office to let them know something was wrong. A couple of hours latter the oldest came home from school and said that it smelled like our next door neighbor's apartment (she was friends with their little girl). Anyway, when we moved out we were charged $100 for odor removal because of the strong odor. I can only image what our neighbors may have been charged. Unlike you. however, we only noticed it when they were really cooking away, not all of the time.

Anyway, we do have a room with a wood stove and carpet that is very, very old. The room reeks of the stove small, so we keep a HEPA air cleaner going all the time. We also have HEPA filters in several other rooms to control dust. You may want to invest in a HEPA filter for each room the immediately next to the offending property.

If you can paint of replace wall covering in the adjacent rooms, you may be able to get something that provides a better barrier. Likely, there are holes allowing the air to draft between his walls and yours. You might also want to see if you can find any holes that can be sealed with caulk or something similar.

Those are the cheap solutions IMHO. I'd be curious what you end up doing, as this problem is probably pretty common.

Last, and least, you have the right to the quiet enjoyment of your dwelling. If you incur losses, like medical bills, and/or find you absolutely have to drop the coin to have someone come in and fix it because of the issue, you may be able to recover based on private nuisance. You would have to talk to an attorney.

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