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How to Deep Clean Your House

Go beyond the weekly dust swipe-and-sweep and gear up for what pros call a "deep cleaning." Read our tips for deep cleaning your living room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry appliances.

Get Rid of Bad Smells the Safe Way

Try these expert green-cleaning tips for healthier ways to get rid of common odors.

How to Create a Color Wash Patina on Furniture

Natural wood shows through the subtle color of this painting technique.


How to Build a Log Holder

Ferrying firewood to the hearth just got a lot easier with this durable cart.

Home Decorating Tips For the DIYer in You

Here are 11 home decor ideas from the pros that don’t break the bank.


How to Build a Boot Stand

Tidy up and protect your floors with this boot stand made from balusters

Bathroom Before and After: Kid-Friendly Remodel

Swapping adjacent bath and laundry locations allows for a smarter layout and fresh finishes

Create a Provence-Inspired Patio

South-of-France flair meets casual West Coast style in this open-air dining room that’s equal parts elegant and easygoing

From Cramped Bath to Relaxing Retreat

A shed dormer bumpout creates more breathing room in a tight, low-ceilinged bath

Adding a Wet-Room Shower Space to a Master Suite

A bathroom addition offers the opportunity for an open and inviting shower space