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Rusty Table Saw top

I have recently aquired a Table Saw that is in great shape but the top of the saw is rusty. Suggestions for removing the rust and then what can be used to preserve the top once the rust is removed?

Re: Rusty Table Saw top

If you click in the tools and products section of TOH website Norm explains how to get rid of rust on a number of different tools. I am unsure how to attach the link to the specific location.

Specifically click on "Tools and Products", select Norms Notebook and then select "taking care of tools"

Re: Rusty Table Saw top

If it's just surface rust spray it down with WD40 and scrub with 0000 steel wool or one of those green ScotchBrite Pads, you can even put the steel wool or pad down and use a RO sander on top of it to speed up the cleaning. If it's very heavy rust use Naval Jelly scrub with steel wool, then the WD40 and scrub. Once clean you will want to coat with a non water based wax. An easy way to keep that up is get a roll of wax paper tear off a length, crumble and rub it on the saw table. That will wax the top.

Or you can do as I prefer and get the Boshield Products. Clean with the Rust Free then coat with the T-9. Follow directions on can.

Re: Rusty Table Saw top
jkirk wrote:

an old Apprenticeship Instructor i had whom is hardcore antique timber frameing tool collector. He swears by vinegar believe it or not, im not sure of the exact application. If i remember correctly its more for light surface rust.

Yep. After you remove the rust you treat the area with vinegar or another acid to stop the rust from reforming. A must when dealing with iron.

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